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In his next comedy for Netflix, Adam Sandler will work with his entire family

Netflix sets out to turn Fiona Rosenbloom’s coming-of-age bestseller, You are not so invited to my Bar Mitzvah, in a movie. And for that, the key piece of the project is the comedian Adam Sandler.

Until then, the news would be the non-news: Adam Sandler will make a comedy… Aha, and?. In fact, what is really news here is not that Adam will make the film, but that he will make it together with all of his families: his wife Jackie and their teenage daughters, Sunny and Sadie, and his wife Jackie will co-star in the film.

Idina Menzel, who played Sandler’s wife in Uncut Gemswill also appear in the film, along with newcomer Saturday night Live Sarah Sherman and Luis Guzman, the actor of the excellent Intoxicated with love (Punch-Drunk Love) (and without a doubt the best of all how much Adam filmed?).

"Intoxicated with love", the best film of Adam Sandler?

“Intoxicated with love”, the best film of Adam Sandler?

The cast also includes Ido Mosseri (Do not mess with the Zohan), Samantha Lorraine (The Walking Dead: World Beyond), Dylan Hoffmann (Next), Dean Scott Vazquez (Transformers: Rise of the Beasts ), Miya Cech (Always Be My Maybe), Dylan Dash (The Great), Millie Thorpe (Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion) and newcomers Zaara Kuttemperoor and Ivory Baker.

Although the film will be set in the present day, the novel takes place in the early 2000s (references to Ashlee Simpson, flip phones and snap bracelets abound) and follow Stacey Friedman, preparing for one of the most important events of her life, her bar mitzvah.

a deadly kiss

But in the run up to the big day, freaks out after seeing her best friend Lydia Katz kissing her crush Andy Goldfarb. The betrayal causes a burning Stacey to utter the sentence that inspires the obvious title: “You are not invited to my bar mitzvah!”

Netflix’s official tagline sums up the plot more succinctly: “A girl’s bar mitzvah plans comically fall apart and threaten to ruin one of the most important events of his young life.”

Sammi Cohen, best known for the young adult film crushstarring Rowan Blanchard, is behind the scenes from a script by Alison Peck (workit).

Sandler is also producing the film with executive from Happy Madison, Tim Herlihy. Additional producers include Leslie Morgenstein and Elysa Koplovitz Dutton for Alloy Entertainment. For their part, the executives of Happy MadisonBarry Bernardi, Judit Maull and Kevin Grady, will serve as executive producers.

Unwitting guest on the “Will Smith-Chris Rock Case”

And just as it must be recognized that with Claw -a drama that revolves around the world of basketball-, Sandler garnered good reviews, It is also true that his career as a comedian has generated legions of staunch fans as well as special commandos of detractors.

In fact, Will Smith’s famous slap in the face of Chris Rock on Oscar night did nothing but raise dust…

Rock and Sandler performed together in The worst week, Top Five, They are like children 1 and 2 Y Low blow. It can be said that over the years they formed a successful comic duo.

Chris Rock and Adam Sandler, co-stars on various comedies.

Chris Rock and Adam Sandler, co-stars on various comedies.

“It makes me he gave him the slap for the shit movies… he does with Adam Sandler. Will Smith is ALL of us,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“Why do they bring Adam Sandler into Will’s fight with Chris?” expressed another. “Adam Sandler doesn’t go around making fun of other people’s looks like Chris Rock did. Each one is responsible for their actions outside of acting, and at the Oscars they always made fun of each other…”, reflected a third.


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