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“In Cuba, thinking differently is a crime”


Cuban actor and singer Me you him, one of the authors and interpreters of Homeland and life, the “soundtrack” of popular protests in Cuba, stated this Wednesday that Cubans don’t need “leaders” at this crossroads, but to act together and each contribute what they can to achieve freedom.

“We must erase the leaders, that each one is the leader of their evolution“said the musician at a press conference in Miami, in which many of the attendees wore T-shirts with the legend Homeland and life, the title of the song released on February 21, which adds just over 6.5 million views on YouTube.

The press conference was scheduled before the outbreak of the protests to inform about the first tour of the United States of who is also the main voice of the Orishas group, but the subject changed and he even ordered the removal of some promotional posters before start to talk.

In Addition To His Solo Career, Yotuel Is The Main Voice Of The Orishas Duo.  Photo: Instagram Yotuel

In addition to his solo career, Yotuel is the main voice of the Orishas Duo. Photo: Instagram yotuel

Yotuel declared himself one more of a series of artists, among whom he mentioned Celia Cruz and Willy Chirino, who “have put his art at the service of the freedom of Cuba“, and gave all the prominence of what is currently happening in Cuba to the people who have raised their voices with” courage “and” are putting their chests into it. “

At the same time, Yotuel stressed that his concern is that this town is being “massacred.” And addressing those who speak of the risk of a “civil war” in Cuba, he was forceful in declaring that when one of the parties is unarmed it is not that, but “genocide.”

He also said that since communications through social networks and the internet are cut off -according to some recent reports, the service was slowly re-established, although with great limitations-, it is essential that Cubans who are outside of Cuba draw attention to the world of what is happening flooding the networks with all the information they can obtain.

“We must act as spokespersons,” he assured.

In response to a question from the EFE agency about the “intervention” claimed by many Cuban-American political figures and exile leaders in South Florida, he highlighted the need for international humanitarian assistance to the Cuban people and the shortcomings of all kinds to which faces, in addition to the effects of the covid-19 pandemic.

In this regard, he expressed concern about a possible increase in infections among those on the streets and the lack of medicine and health resources in Cuba.

“Youth wants to be free”

Regarding the demonstrations of support in Miami, including the blocking of one of the main highways of the city for more than eight hours this Tuesday, he called for calm and to act in an organized and legal manner, because, in his opinion, the opposite will be used by supporters of the Cuban regime.

“Crazy things never go well,” said the singer, who, although he said that the Cuban people are “made of hot blood,” said that “the quickest way can be the most dire”.

About the song that he said has become “the soundtrack” of the protests in Cuba, said that its strength lies not only in that instead of “Homeland or death”, the slogan of the Communist Party, it proposes life, but in that the “or” is exclusive and the “and” inclusive.

The new Cuba must be “inclusive”, “We have to learn to live together, to” not extirpate “all the people who” think differently, “he added.

On July 11, The Singer Participated In A Protest Organized By Cubans In Miami.  Photo Eva Marie Uzcategui / Afp

On July 11, the singer participated in a protest organized by Cubans in Miami. Photo Eva Marie UZCATEGUI / AFP

The singer called on each Cuban “from his trench” to help as he can to achieve the change he asks for. Homeland and life, in which the duo Gente de Zona, Descemer Bueno, El Funky and Maikel Osorbo, who remains imprisoned in Cuba, also participated.

Although it was something that was not expected, the “biggest surprise for the Cuban regime” must be, according to Yotuel, that “youth wants to be free” and that’s the “power of what’s happening” there. That young people are the engines of change, he added.

The pain of not being able to return

“I am more proud to be Cuban than ever,” stressed the singer, who said that every Cuban who leaves his country carries “Cuba in his backpack”, and asked to end the “lie” that those who leave and criticize the regime are paid by the CIA.

Days ago, in an interview offered to the program This is the way, from the Badoo channel, Romero, who is married to the Spanish singer and actress Beatriz Luengo, explained that one of the biggest problems that the current situation presents him is that he cannot return to his country.

“They would stop me. Since there are no laws, you have no support, because there if you enter Cuba they put you a government lawyer that you do not have any legal requirement to tell him ‘Wait, I have not committed any crime, I have not defamed anyone, I have not committed any act of terrorism’“he explained.

&Quot;Patria Y Vida&Quot; Brought Together Yotuel, Descember Bueno, Gente De Zona, El Funky And Maykel Osorbo Against The Cuban Regime.

“Patria y Vida” brought together Yotuel, Descember Bueno, Gente de Zona, El Funky and Maykel Osorbo against the Cuban regime.

And the author of the Cuban “it’s going to end” added: “What is happening in Cuba is that the thinking differently is a crime. And people who think different are considered heroes. We are not heroes. How can we be heroes for thinking differently?

Throughout the press conference, Yotuel insisted that the Cuban people do not need leaders in their claim. “We don’t need leaders, we are all leaders”He stressed and hoped that his voice “serves” so that the world understands what is happening in Cuba.

Source: EFE