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In bankruptcy? Don Francisco appears as an Uber driver and shamelessly confesses what happens to him (VIDEO)

  • Is the legendary driver broke?
  • Don Francisco appears as no one expected: as an Uber driver
  • He was hired and said he had already made three trips

For two decades, the host of Sabado Gigante, known as Don Francisco, was the most emblematic Hispanic figure on television for Latinos, and after the end of his program he lost track of the presenter who, until a few months ago, shared that he worked through of social networks, but… did you decide to start a new job?

And it is that currently with inflation and the financial situation so complicated throughout the world it is normal to see that artists and celebrities have to adapt to perform other types of work when they are not hired on television or in projects, because while some even they open platforms like OnlyFans, some advertise products of all kinds and this possibly happened to Don Francisco, who appeared as nobody expected.

Don Francisco is hired as an Uber driver

Influencer asks for Uber

The radio host and content creator Alberto Sardiñas shared a video with thousands of followers in which he said that he asked for an Uber driver and his surprise was such that he could not not tell what happened when he saw that the person who picked him up for his trip was neither more nor less than the former host of Sabado Gigante himself, Don Francisco.

“Can you imagine that really @donfranciscotv did Uber do? It would be the most entertaining Uber in Miami!!!! I swear I’ll leave you a big tip. Leave your greetings here to the most recognized driver (from TV, not from Uber) in the Hispanic world!”, This is how the influencer described his trip that he documented on video.

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