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In addition to Mike Barnes, this is the other character from ‘Karate Kid 3’ who returns in ‘Cobra Kai’

After several months of waiting, it finally premiered on Netflix the new season of cobra kai and although this production of the streaming platform is not as striking for many as other series that are available in its catalog, it is the favorite of karate lovers.

The fifth season of this series premiered just on September 9 on Netflix and is already making waves on the internet. As usual, for many there were not enough episodes and they are looking forward to the premiere of the sixth season. However, some do not finish assimilating the events of the current one.

From here the text will contain some spoilers that could ruin your experience as a fan of the series at home if you haven’t seen the fifth season yet.

little by little in cobra kai characters from the franchise have been added to the plot karate Kid. Since kumiko, Ali Mills, John Kreese, Terry Silver, are some of the reappearances that have been shown on screen but during the fifth season there was a cameo that many new fans did not recognize and revealed a new fact in the series.

This is Jessica Andrews, a character who had her first appearance in karate kid 3 and it is one of the interests romantics Daniel’s. During her return to the franchise we can see her having a talk with Amanda LaRusso who turns out to be her cousin.

Jessica Andrew

“When you moved to Los Angeles and I introduced you to Daniel, he and Silver had already had a first confrontation,” said Jessica, She is the one responsible for Amanda and Daniel meeting to later get married and have children.


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