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In a Box of Gum, YosStop Sends a Message to Its Fans from Prison

In a Box of Gum, YosStop Sends a Message to Its Fans from Prison

A YouTuber jailed for his alleged responsibility for a child pornography offense sent a message to his followers.

Mexico City.- YosStop used glue cans to send message To his fans, who have given him unconditional support. was youtube process attached On July 5, that’s why he is lodged in Mexico City’s Santa Martha Accatitla Prison.

yosselin She would spend two months in the reformatory until a supplementary investigation was conducted, but after a few days in prison, the young woman decided to thank her fans and tell them how she is.

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to be strong

Through social networks, relatives of yesstop they shared a picture of a craft done by him inside the prison. But what grabbed the attention of his fans the most was the message on which he wrote glue box, which was addressed to thank him for his support.

“Thanks for your support. It only makes us stronger. I love you”, was the short message shared by the YouTuber child pornography.

who assured that Yass thinks a lot about his fans, it was his partner Gerardo Gonzalez, who also commented that the influencer even made a craft to thank the expressions of affection she has always received from her true followers.

“Today we had to visit Yass and this time wanted to send you some details All of you, made with love and with your own hands, ”repeated the lover of YouTuber.

Joslin Hoffman has been accused of describe the victim sexual assault by Ainara Suarez, A young woman who was just 16 when she was attacked by four “friends”.

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