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“I’m your fan is inspired by honesty”: Ana Claudia Talancón

Ten years have passed since Charly (Ana Claudia Talancon) say goodbye to Nico (Martin Altomaro)) causing the massive breaking of hearts around Mexico, those of all the followers who made I’m your fan one of the most popular products on broadcast television since its premiere in 2010, on Canal Once. Also, ten years after the broadcast of the last episode of the second seasonthe feature film arrives at all national cinemas to present what was the future of all these characters.

For Ana Claudia and Martín, central pieces of the series, that the scope of I’m your fan stay over the years came to them as a surprise; however, both agree that the reason lies in the closeness of the characters with reality and with the social and cultural context in which they were born and grew up.

‘Soy tu fan’: Cast of the series confirms that there will be a third season

I’m your fan is inspired by honesty. Since the first time they showed me the scripts of the first two seasons I identified with the way the characters talk, with the topics they deal with, in how friends relate, and in their family relationships. It called me automatically to my own being”, recalls the actress in an interview with MILLENNIUM.

Ana Claudia believes that the same thing will happen with the film: “It has such a profound truth that it can be translated into any language and that is why so many people identify with it, because they are real characters, complicated, vulnerable and strong”.

The actress in the role of Charly | Photo: Special

It is not that you are thinking about what each project you do is going to generate. What is true is that there is a very particular thing with Soy tu fan, which is noticeable in the film and which was in the series, like a root, a love, a very special way of identifying with the characters. That is something unique”, confirms Martín Altomaro.


A large part of the cast that gave life to the Canana Films and Once Tv México program returns to the film. The plot focuses on the reunion of these characters a decade after the last time we saw them at Rocío’s (Maya Zapata) wedding. Charlie’s best friend. Each of the attendees demonstrates how much has changed and what the present means to them. Everyone’s attention is on the reunion between Charly and Nico, the scars of the past and what the future might (or might not) hold.

Edwarda Gurrola is one of the actresses who return to the film: “It was amazing to put on the costume, read the lines and suddenly the monster vanessa (her character) got into my body – says Edwarda Gurrola in an interview–. It is a character that has accompanied me for ten years; people come to me for it. Vanessa has a special place in my heart. It was all coming back to us, as if it were a high school reunion after 12 years of making the first season; It was great”.

The actress reflects on what the development of a product like I’m your fan now on the big screen, particularly within the context of the platform age. In addition, he explains, in more depth, the reason behind the success of the love story between Charly and Nico.


Edwarda | Photo: Special

“The phenomenon I am your fan is very special because we were on open television: there were no platforms, people from 15 to 35 years old saw us, there was not so much content for young adults. The phenomenon of bringing it to the movies was born from the nostalgia of the people who lived with us that moment. They have been very smarts Dolores Fonzi and Constanza Novick, the creators of I’m your fan, to give it the spin. We have grown, we are bigger and I am sure that there is a growth of the characters, ”said the actress.

and also the series

With the recent news of the production also of the third season of the series I’m your fanthe protagonists of this story assure that success is achieved through joint work, production, cast and fans.

Ana Claudia Talancón and Martín Altomaro, who also confessed to being fans of their characters and the project, shared that the story of Charly and Nico has impacted the lives of thousands of viewers, who have let them know.

Both thanked the public for the contribution to the success of the series and highlighted the power to continue giving life to these characters.

“It is a project with super good karma, in which you feel that the people who are doing it are doing the best they can so that you can enjoy it, because it fills life and has been an essential part of the history of so many people. We all change: the characters and the audience. We all did it together, that’s why this film exists, because of the team. I hope that the public will be given the opportunity to meet these new characters, which are very interesting.”, affirmed Ana Claudia Talancón.

Having the opportunity to make the film is a very special gift for everyone. We have a very nice product, it is quite good and there is a lot of work behind it. Although it cost us so much time and work, and people had to wait so long, it is very comforting that it finally reaches theaters”, concluded Martín Altomaro.


Although it is known that the production of the third season of Soy tu fan has already finished, little more is known about it, but it is anticipated that the series will continue after the events that take place in the film.

Along with Martín Altomaro and Ana Claudia Talancón, the cast of the film is completed with the participation of Edwarda Gurrola, Maya Zapata, Gonzalo García Vivanco, Juan Pablo Medina, Marcela Guirado, Johanna Murillo, Verónica Langer, among others, in addition to Paola Rojas , who makes his film debut.


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