Home Entertainment ‘I’m ready for another’, says Sylvia Pinal outside hospital

‘I’m ready for another’, says Sylvia Pinal outside hospital


Mexico City.- “i’m ready for another“Actress Says” Sylvia Pinal Already from his home where he had been since last weekend after leaving the hospital.

through a Video Posted on daughter’s Instagram account Sylvia Pasquali, see you the diva of the golden age Mexican cinema He was happy to be discharged and, according to his observations, his stay in the hospital was not serious.

“Press friends, this is his favorite diva. I am very happy to be back home with my friends. In a little while I’m going to see what happened because then gossip,” says Pinal in the just-minute video.

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“It’s been good for me, actually it was nothing extraordinary, nothing serious, I feel very happy That everything is over quickly and I am ready for another one, ”she concludes. The publication also thanks those who knew about her health, noting that “a diva for a while.” is.