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“I’m not going to answer you”: Laura Zapata denies an interview with Gustavo Adolfo’s reporter

Laura Zapata is one of the most recognized artists of the national show. In recent weeks, she has been wanted by the press due to the recent death of her grandmother Doña Elva Mange, whom she considered her mother.

During one of the press conferences given at the Mexico City International Airport, refused to answer one of the program’s reporters ‘First hand’led by Gustavo Adolfo Infante.

Laura Zapata refuses to respond to the Imagen Television program

When questioned by the reporter, the actress noted through the microphone her home program; however, he asked about his company and program of origin.

“What program are you from? Of Gustavo Adolfo Infante? Forgive me, but I’m not going to answer you.”

In a polite way, she told the reporter that it was not about her, since it was just her job, she even commented that she was a queen; however, according to Zapata, Gustavo Adolfo’s program distorts the information of their interviewees.

For the aboveapologized and confirmed that he would not respond to the questions from the broadcast of Imagen Televisión.

“I’m not going to answer a program that has nothing to do with me, forgive me my love, it’s not you, it’s the program you work for,” he concluded.


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