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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

“I’m already working on a new cycle”

To the surprise of many, Jorge Lanata ad the end of his well-known cycle in Trece, Journalism for all (PPT). In addition, he anticipated that his future won’t be on tv, but on other alternative platforms. In himself, he referred to the fact that his journalistic projects point to a format on the rise, streaming.

“I am already working in a cycle that opens now in octoberof documentaries, is called ‘H, what is not pronounced’and we are already recording the second season to start the third later,” he anticipated.

In radio dialogue with the program Just in caseon the Eleven tenLanata confirmed the surprising decision of the end of the cycle and also the anticipation of what is to come.

“We are also working on other kind of content and everything is on track for streaming; a platform that works very differently from current television”, he anticipated.

Jorge Lanata ended his cycle at Thirteen and will move his content to streaming.

Jorge Lanata ended his cycle at Thirteen and will move his content to streaming.

Although the announcement was surprising, the end of PPT will have to wait for another year, because the end of the cycle to which the journalist refers has to do with December 2023after the new elections are held in the country.

“Next year (follow the program) sure for the election. And then I want to raise PPT because it would be 12 years“, said.

After the attack on Cristina Kirchner, Lanata issued a harsh editorial last weekend about one of the most tense moments in the country in recent times. And she did it live, when the program is usually recorded.

And although he repudiated the act of violence against the vice president, the journalist questioned the veracity of the attack.

In fact, with today’s heat, the program PPT was imposed on The Argentine Voice in the rating of the last Sunday in that particular duel that they have been holding for months between Trece and Telefé.

Lanata’s television average had an impact: 11.6 rating points, well above the measurements of the cycle.

The host, in addition to doing television, writes for Clarion and has his daily radio show on miter radio during the mornings with Lanata without filter.

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Reference from clarin www.clarin.com

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