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Ilse, from Flans, recalls problem with Raúl Velasco: “Here we do not support communism”

Raul Velasco became a very famous television host for being in front of always on sundaya Televisa program where he used to present rising musical talents, although his rough attitude generated several controversies, for example: the day he scolded Coke Muniz for using playbak, the occasion that rejected Joan Sebastian or when he called Thalía “corrientota”.

And in a press conference that was picked up by windowing, Ilse Olivo, members of the Flans group, recalled an embarrassing problem with the television presenter, who passed away in November 2006 at age 73 due to hepatitis C disease.

Pandora and Flans remember the beginning of their union; “It was hard for us to see each other together”

although first Isabel Lascurain from Pandoraspoke of the occasion when the driver told him that if he doesn’t lose weight they won’t go out again in always on sunday: “It was on a plane that many artists came… Then time passed and he offered me an apology, which I appreciate.”

Of course, at that time nobody told him: ‘Mr. Velasco, that is not done.’ At the time it was hard for me, that today I see the videos and say: ‘When did I buy the suit that I was overweight?’ Right now I am much plumper than then, I am chubby, I am the general of people, “added Lascurain.

Later, Ilse recalled the day that Raúl vetoed and scolded Flans for having given a concert in Nicaragua: “Hernaldo Zuñiga (Nicaraguan singer-songwriter) invited us to Nicaragua to sing to the pipitos, who were all these little ones from the war, and when we returned they banned us from the television station.”

“Mr. Velasco made us look and I did answer him, I said: ‘You weren’t the unifier of America?’ ‘But for communist children and here we don’t support communism,’ he said, but they were children”, added the singer of Flans.


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