Illus Salas criticizes the beauty of women

Illus Salas criticizes the beauty of women

MEXICO. — The Beauty Contest is, in the opinion of Ilas Salas, an ode to the body of women from a male point of view.

The women, adding the actress of “Good Girls”, “100 Days Fall in Love” and “Guerros”, are the powerful’s “souvenirs”, which makes these contests a dark world.

“A pleasure for the patriarchy. As a feminist, I find a fem planet there, which I’m very interested in, “she says in an interview with” El Universal “.

For days Ilas Salas has been preparing the character that he will explain in the series “Sinorita 89”, a thriller set in Mexico in the late 1980s. She will accompany and accompany the matriculation of the country’s most important beauty pageant. A team of makeup artists, trainers and surgeons welcome 32 candidates for the crown in a field.

Candidates will undergo three months of intensive training by the end of the competition, although the competition turns into a life fight.

Argentine writer, filmmaker and screenwriter Lucia Puenzo, winner of Critics Week at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival with her debut film “XXY”, is in charge of the direction of the series, which is produced by Fabula, a company. Laren Brothers (“A Fantastic Woman”).

Also part of the cast are Ximena Romo (“Tell Me When You”), Barbra Lopez (“Love to Death”), Leidi Gutierrez (“Chikuratroots”) and Natal Dupieron (“House of Flowers”).

Similarly, Coty Camacho, Juan Manuel Bernal, Edwarda Guerola, Aida López, Marcello Alonso, Innis Guerrero and Luis Ernesto Franco. They will collaborate with Nicolas Puenzo, Sylvia Queer and Jimena Montmayor.

For his part, Ianis Guerrero explains that the series “will talk about the process of these competitions, which is now so controversial; it is a series written and developed by women that will portray behind the scenes of the competition”.

Three months ago, auditions began to take place between 18 and 24-year-old youth, with a minimum of 1.65 meters, one hair, and who do not have tattoos.

“I am very happy to participate in this project, because it is a subject that worries me a lot”

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