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Il Divo will resume its commitments

Il Divo will resume its commitments

The group presents Steven LaBrie as a guest.

MEXICO CITY.— The recent death of one of Il Divo’s members, Carlos Marín, made some of their fans wonder if they will continue their music and if so, will they have a new member to fill the void that the Baritone left.

The answer was a publication indicating that the now trio will continue their tour, but with one guest: the Mexican-American barite Steven LaBrie.

Carls Marín died at the age of 53. After feeling ill while touring the UK, the singer was hospitalized in intensive care at the Royal Manchester Hospital on December 8 and allegedly had to be intubated before she passed away 11 days later.

Via the group’s Instagram, their followers were told that the next tour they had to do will resume shortly, but with a few changes.

Il Divo will continue their tour of the US from February 2nd. In addition, the theme of the presentations will focus on the great achievements of the group and pay tribute to Carlos Marín.

The tour had previously been heralded as the “For Once In My Life Tour” in conjunction with one of the songs on his new album, “A Celebration Of Motown,” before being redesigned as a career retrospective and tribute to Marin.

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