Ignacio López Torso misses his work routine

MEXICO CITY (L UNIVERSAL). – Ignacio López Tarso said, “There is no more waiting to wait.”

Lopez Tarso has not set foot on a stage for more than a year, as he was performing the play “My Life in the Theater” with his son when, due to the Kovid-19, live show to avoid contagion Places were closed.

Since September he has only participated in virtual staging, much to the cast.

“I remember the words of my theater teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts who said to me: if you’re going to come on stage, be careful, never get off. I’m 96, 73 as an actor, and it’s It’s the first time that I haven’t given up, I didn’t want to, but they took me down, “the” Makario “actor joked.

“This is a terrible time of spectacle for all humanity, I hope it will pass soon, that we are all vaccinated and somehow immune, to return to a normal world, money has been hidden, life. Now it is very difficult, more difficult than ever ”, emphasizes the actor.

The first actor held a press conference in recent days to announce the next delivery of the AMCI Awards, delivered by the Mexican Association of Independent Filmmakers, to be held virtually next month.

The clapperboard itself is named the actor, who will in turn be recognized for the support given to the union led by Pedro Araneda.

“Cinema is Cinema,” declared the winner of a Golden Aerial.

The actor confesses that he has a few films at home and gets happy when he sees one of his films on television.

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