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If possible! Thalí García shares her testimony of overcoming her 3 years after Hashimoto’s disease knocked on her door

About 3 years ago the life of Thali Garcia took a 180 degree turn after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, Hashimoto’s disease. The actress of successful telenovelas on Telemundo like Silvana without wool Y The Lord of the heavens She then began to experience drastic changes in her body, gaining 33 pounds, which filled her with many insecurities and led her to plunge into “a deep depression”.

“I swear to you that I saw myself in the mirror and I did not recognize myself and I did not recognize myself beyond the physical, that of course this disease changed my features, my body, everything; but I did not recognize myself from here. I have always considered myself a super warrior woman , super strong, super positive and I am that friend who always wants to cheer you on and get you ahead, so for the first time in my life I couldn’t even be that friend to myself, “said the 33-year-old interpreter in a video she shared this Thursday through social networks with a clear purpose: to motivate other people who may be going through a similar situation because “yes you can”. And Thalí is the clear example of this.

Although for a long time she accepted the not-so-encouraging prognosis they gave her – they told her that it was “very difficult for her to recover her original figure” – and she questioned why she had always been a healthy woman, approximately 1 year and 7 months ago Thalí made a decision that would completely change her life: stop living in victimhood and take matters into her own hands.

Feel comfortable in your own skin again

“I stopped questioning myself and said I’m going to embrace this reality, I’m going to accept it, I’m going to accept that I’m going to have to live maybe the rest of my life with this disease and that it’s going to be a challenge for me to try to have a lifestyle healthy life and seeing myself healthy. What you are seeing today is a 33-year-old woman, mother of 2 children, with Hashimoto’s disease completely controlled, healthy, happy, full,” she said, visibly moved after managing to return to the weight she had before.

Thalí acknowledged that being able to recover “this body that does” belong to her and that she had throughout her life has been “one of the most wonderful processes” she has gone through. Why?

“I became much more aware of self-love, really understanding what it means to love each other, because how easy it is to love each other when we are well and everything around us is going well, but learning to love yourself when you are at your worst and not abandoning yourself is a real challenge. “, he asserted. “So I make this video because I want to motivate all the people who, because of some autoimmune disease or any kind of disease or any life situation, live in this dark place where they think that there is no better tomorrow, that there is no way to modify our future. They are wrong, yes it can, if I could, you can too”.

Reference from peopleenespanol.com

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