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‘iCarly’: What happened to the protagonists after the end of the series on Nickelodeon?

‘icarly’ It is one of the most popular children’s and adolescent series of recent years. with 6 seasons became Nickelodeon’s third most successful productionjust behind ‘Big Time Rush’ and ‘Victorious’

The The cast consisted mainly of four actors: Miranda Cosgrove as Carly, Nathan Kress as Freddy, Jerry Trainor as Spencer, and Jennette McCurdy as Sam.

Thanks to Jennette is that in the last hours the program has become a search trend, because of McCurdy’s recent book entitled ‘I’m glad my min died’ (I’m glad my mother died), in which denounces the abuse and mistreatment she suffered as an actress from her mother, Nickelodeon and producer Dan Schneider, related to possible cases of sexual abuse, harassment and pedophilia. We share what happened to the actors after the end of the series on the children’s channel and before the arrival on Paramount Plus.

What happened to the stars of ‘iCarly’?

Miranda Cosgrove

After the success achieved by her character Carly, Miranda bet on singing and started a career. In 2008 she got a contract with the company Columbia Records and made a series of national toursalthough it did not reach the expected popularity.

His most successful songs are ‘Leave It All to Me’ and ‘About You Now’.

He has also participated in the cinema as voice actress for ‘My favorite villain’as well as his leading role in the 2019 film ‘3022’. Finally, was part of the independent feature film ‘North Hollywood’.

jerry trainor

After leaving the show was mainly dedicated to voice dubbingboth in series and in video games, being the most prominent character that of ‘Dudley Puppy’ in the Nickelodeon children’s seriesTUFF Puppy, from 2010 to 2015.

Nathan Kress

After the end of the series, Nathan made some appearances in Nickelodeon series in the character of Freddy or by dubbing. He also participated in an episode of the series ‘Hawaii 5-0′; in 2015 he debuted as a director and by 2019 he started a podcast called ‘RadioActive Dads’.

Jennette mccurdy

a couple of days ago premiered his book ‘I’m glad my mom died’in which she recounts her experience as a child actress, where she suffered mistreatment by her mother, which led her to be ashamed of her projects.

The text ganger over how her mother forced her into show business to live through her his frustrated dream of being a super star. In addition, Jennette explains how at a young age she became the breadwinner for her household, as she was practically the only economic provider for the family, a situation that kept her under constant pressure.

At the age of 11, his mother, Debra McCurdy, started counting your calories, he also began to dye his hair and whiten his teeth periodically. Her poor diet led her to suffer from anorexia at the age of 12, when she, according to the actress, during a medical examination the doctor questioned his mother and used this wordwhich until now was unknown to Jennette, for what she considered her mother was only taking care of her.

When did your hormonal development begin? his mother gave him medication to delay and minimize the effects of this stage with the aim of making her look younger and thus interpret roles in children’s series.

As a form of therapy, he currently shares in his book the experiences to close this cycle.


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