MEXICO CITY (EFE) .— Almost ten years after the end of the children’s series “iCarly” (2007-2012), its protagonist, Miranda Cosgrove, decided not only to relive the story, but to reinvent it through new personal experiences and as a producer of the second homonymous part.

“I started this program when I was 13 years old. When Nickelodeon told me about the idea, it was an interesting moment in my life, I never imagined that I would be a star, “said the actress yesterday in a virtual interview with Latin American media prior to the premiere of the series.

At that time the actress lived the news with a lot of novelty and above all learning, because although she had been part of the series “Drake & Josh” (2004), it was a responsibility to have her first leading role.

However, his age did not allow him to get too involved in the creative aspect of the series and almost 10 years later he is encouraged to relive the story from his own professional vision.

“I’m an executive producer on the show, I’m doing things that I never did in the original series, I was able to talk to the writers before for the scripts, I helped in the ‘casting’, I was in the editing of the chapters, things that I never imagined that I could have done before, ”the actress also replied from Los Angeles.

But 28-year-old Miranda not only captured the professional aspect in this second stage of her character Carly Shay, but just as almost a decade ago she shared various aspects of her real life with Carly, the actress wanted to replicate this phenomenon.

“The first kiss, the first dates, having the first fight with my best friends, I lived all of that as Carly lived it, I wanted that to happen again even if the series was for adults this time,” said Cosgrove.

One of Miranda’s greatest challenges was transporting the story to adulthood, as she had to balance the “silly, absurd and weird” tone that characterized the series, so that it would stop being childish, but at the same time maintain that essence and handle content suitable for all audiences.

Because of this, the series talks about inclusive topics such as sexual diversity, new conceptions of the family, marriage and failures.

Miranda also confirmed that the series, which was released on Saturday by Paramount + in Latin America, will have a second season in which it will seek more original members of the series to join this new stage of “iCarly.”