“I Was In Mouth Too” by Yostop

Barbara De Regilo It wasn’t long before he showed his support for calyc, when the YouTuber declared himself a victim of cyberbullying by Yostop, which served a month after he entered prison on charges of child pornography and distribution last Tuesday.

The “Rosario Tijeras” actress told herself Victim of the “mouth” of Yoseline “N”, as it was the last to receive a string of criticism. The YouTuber dedicated several clips to her on TikTok, where she made fun of her, His latest video on stage Title “Lady Protein”, where he sought to display it properly when trying to get YosStop to mention his product.

“Wow Callie your support for me, what can I say, I was in his mouth too (from YoStop) and also I had a very bad time ”, published the actress In one of his stories on Instagram.

“I Was In Mouth Too” By Yostop - Light Home News
Image of the story shared by Barbara de Regil on the social network. photo via instagram

In the same publication, he called on his followers to look for content that did not promote hatred and to avoid accounts promoting “cyberbullying”.

“We Want Positive, Loving StuffFun, entertaining and to teach you something new. And don’t sow hate in your heart and mind. Let’s not follow accounts that promote hate and cyberbullying

YosStop’s latest video, criticizing Barbara De Rezilli


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In Latest Videos YoStop . posted by, the content creator called the actress “hypocritical” and “toxic” when she tried to get a mention of her protein. On that occasion – as he did in the video Pineapple– shared by youtuber The private message and goodbye that the actress sent him:

“You hear how he asks me ‘what’s your price’, so I could boost his protein? (…) How toxic is it”, Yoselin explains in the video.

As reported, Callie took up the affairs of two young women who allegedly took their own lives due to harassment experienced by Yostop followers, in which a video mocking her went viral.

Callie, for her part, remembered for many years content creator I dedicated many stories to him instagram You Video in which he made fun of her, especially after reporting that a fellow youtuber (yao cabrera) had tried to stop her by force and allegedly wanted to give her narcotics.