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“I saved enough with Mad Men to only do roles that interest me”


He had the pleasure of winning a Golden Globe twice and an Emmy once, and thanks to his amazing role in the history of television. crazy man. At the age of 50, Jon Hamm enjoyed that stardom by choosing the roles of his choice without worrying about the lead role. And he leans more towards secondary people, as long as they are lush and allow him to work with some of his idols.

On an irish song, recently released, Jon Hamm has the pleasure of being directed by John Patrick Shanley, who won an Oscar for the screenplay of moonspel. They can also be seen on HBO no sudden moves, a film directed by Steven Sodenberg. for Top Gun: Maverick We will have to wait till November for the upcoming show with Tom Cruise.

Small roles for a great actor

Jon Hamm Posing For Major Actor With An Emmy For His Role In &Quot;Mad Men&Quot;.  Photo Ef

Jon Hamm posing for Major Actor with an Emmy for his role in “Mad Men”. photo ef

This will make them realize that they don’t mind doing small roles.

-that’s how it is. Now I am shooting for the remake of drive away the chameleonIn which I have the main role. But to be honest, I’m not worried about being first on the list If the project interests me. I have already passed that phase of my life.

-On an irish song I play a complex role, with the essence, that John Patrick wrote for the film was it not in the theater. I was able to make it. I was thrilled that he expanded the role for the film and even more so he invited me to do it, especially since I had to shoot in Ireland, a place I had never been to.

Pure Smile.  Jon Hamm Made A Lot Of Money From &Quot;Mad Men&Quot; Playing Roles That Didn

pure smile. Jon Hamm made a lot of money from “Mad Men” playing roles that didn’t interest him. ap photo

– How was that experience?

-Wonderful. It seems like 100 years have passed since it was shot, because then the world was a normal place. In the smaller towns where we were, the people in Crosmolina and Ballina couldn’t be nicer. All were ready to open their shops, their pubs and their hearts.

What would you say was the biggest challenge in making this film?

Every time you try to adapt a successful play you run the risk of offending the people who love it when they watch it. In our case, we had the advantage that the playwright was the one who did the adaptation and was also the director.

man of action

Jon Hamm Will Star In &Quot;Top Gun: Maverick&Quot; With Tom Cruise.  Ap Photo

Jon Hamm will star in “Top Gun: Maverick” with Tom Cruise. ap photo

– Many people will be surprised to see you Top Gun: Maverick.

To see how an aircraft carrier works in real life was unforgettable, as well as discovering what it takes to defend the country.

And he was able to work with someone like Tom Cruise, who has a very special commitment when he makes a film. or be able to share scenes with Christopher Walken, which has been very important to the careers of many actors.

-Then it’s not a question of money …

It’s never happened to me for money. I’ve been lucky to have a television job that paid me a lot for a few years (He talks about Mad Men, the series in which he played a successful but obscure commercial that ran for seven seasons between 2007 and 2015.)u I saved enough to do papers that excite me now. I hope I can continue doing this. You don’t want to accept a project just to pay the bills.

Source: La Vanguardia/Gabriel Lerman