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“I never let nostalgia turn me off”


If you search YouTube “The soulless“You can hear Mónica replacing the” yo “by the” ió “, the” ya “by” iá “or shouting” shut up “in the style of Chavo del 8. In neutral Castilian mode, Ayos does not disappoint. Those who managed to mimic her in Televisa soap operas, but a part of her body always lives in tune with Argentina, while in Mexico her last “Argentinazo” was to incarnate Yuyito González in the Maradona series.

The Mar del Plata “by adoption” has a little house in Miami to which she escapes when she or her husband are not absorbed by soap operas. You feel that centuries have passed since your other lives, your five years as vedette in magazine theater, her move to Chile, her adolescent gig with Narciso Ibáñez Menta in The black octopus or his friendship from a tenement house with Natalia Oreiro in You’re my life.

Owes to The Count of Monte Cristo his move to the hemisphere and his international work. An Argentine version of the novel by Alejandro Dumas became a Telefe hit, and in turn, that idea was bought by TV Azteca. For the lead role played here by Pablo Echarri, the Mexicans chose Diego Olivera, Ayos’s husband. That set off a domino effect that touched the entire family.

Adapted.  Ayos, More Than A Decade Living Outside Of Argentina.

Adapted. Ayos, more than a decade living outside of Argentina.

After a labor gale, Olivera and Ayos made the family decision to settle in the Federal District, and thus the famous producer Salvador Mejía summoned her Mónica for her screen debut, by the channel of the stars. Since then, he has activated and deactivated his Buenos Aires chip, working on one side and the other while entertaining both countries equally on his Instagram account, something like Ayos TV, a channel where he does comedy, poses, sells without bosses for his 837 thousand followers.

ToThe Aztec labor welcome, in 2011, in Triumph of Love (remake of the Venezuelan soap opera Cristal with Jeannette Rodríguez and Carlos Mata, in the ’80s) “spicy” arrived. So much so that María Mónica felt “dying”. Funny account that He ordered a “ciabatta” sandwich and ignored that it contained chili. Fire in the most literal sense. “I felt the end of my hours, a hole in my stomach that left me dizzy, deaf and mute, muriatic acid,” he laughs at that baptism.

Two years ago, called by Amazon to Maradona, blessed dream, traveled to Naples to play “Yayita” (Amalia “Yuyito” González, the actress who was a partner of Guillermo Coppola). They were three weeks of filming in the city of Vesuvius, playing at being that volcano that alerts Claudia Maradona “We do not compete with lovers, we compete with mothers.”

Monica As &Quot;Yayita&Quot; (Yuyito González) In The Maradona Series.

Monica as “Yayita” (Yuyito González) in the Maradona series.

Came from recording Gate 7 (Netflix) and had to go back to the ’80s to emulate that aesthetic of excess in the hair. With Leonardo Sbaraglia as her “husband”, he personified the joy and splendor of that woman with whom he worked in real life in Teatro de Revista, in 1999. “Diego was only joined by a group cover of Gente magazine 2006/2007 “, he says. “The filming in each tourist route led me to feel at the home of my grandparents, my great-grandparents, those immigrants who came to Argentina and from whom we inherited such a great thing.”

“At the time of the World Cup, I was in the second year of high school. Before that Cup, due to the tango tours of my parents in Japan, I lived with my grandmother Juana in Mar del Plata. Later, with my parents already in Buenos Aires. Aires, in a building on Medrano Street. I remember that to watch the games we always went to the apartment of a neighbor, Mariana, because she had a color television, “he smiles.

Monica Ayos In Mexico (Instagram)

Monica Ayos in Mexico (Instagram)

-How do you remember the definitive move to the Federal District?

-Mexico came as an interesting challenge at the level of work projection for Diego, an amazing opportunity to go for more going beyond what was planned in our goals, and almost accidentally modifying our cardinal point to strengthen the family and profession project that we had been building. We never doubted that he should do it, and it was never an option to let it pass, what we did not know was how to get through it without losing ourselves in the attempt. One morning in 2011 we all woke up under the same sky.

-And how was the adaptation the first years?

– At first he traveled alone, “we lived together” at a distance. It wasn’t on anyone’s wish list, but we learned to tame insecurities and share. We celebrated those hard-won achievements, all that beautiful thing happened to me in my career in Argentina and to him all that impressive in Mexico, nine hours away by plane and without being able to include in a more real way the growth of our children. For a personality like mine, the term “accompany” was not a viable option. One morning I woke up with the certainty that he was still giving me gasoline to encourage me to this madness. The boys were 18 and 6 and they settled in right away. I do not.

Monica Ayos As A Child, With Her Parents.

Monica Ayos as a child, with her parents.

-How did you go through it?

-I was the most “melancholic”, but I never let nostalgia turn off my humor, because knowing how to find reasons to genuinely laugh is what saved my life from a very young age. Nor did I know to what extent I trusted to have enough desire to reinvent myself, to new places of conquest, and at the same time not to feel that I was blurring in the search. I continue to rediscover myself in all the ones I went, and it amazes me to see myself as a dynamo, always advancing without stopping.

Mónica Ayos And Diego Olivera And Their Day To Day In Mexico (Instagram)

Mónica Ayos and Diego Olivera and their day to day in Mexico (Instagram)

-What is that life like now, a few months in Mexico and others in the United States?

-In general, we are quite homey. If you have to stay for a couple of months to film or record in Mexico, we do it. We are grateful to be lucky enough to be able to put together a logistics that works for us in two places that are close by (two and a half hours away by plane). Now Diego begins a new novel on January 17 on Televisa. Fede (29), an actor, finished the previous project and has been recording new fiction for a month, also in Mexico, and Victoria (17) returns to school, which she still attends online because there are no face-to-face classes. As for me, the series has just premiered Cecilia, on Paramount +, a dramatic comedy.

The woman that She made her tango debut dancing hugging her dad, with the Osvaldo Pugliese orchestra, who was a model in a video clip by Pablo Ruiz, who formed a type of summer theater with Jorge Corona and Nito Artaza and decided to turn his feathers to casts with China Zorrilla, Leticia Bredice and Sergio Renán, does not try to cover any missing link of that evolutionary chain. “I am still a Gemini woman who writes her contradictions on paper napkins, hoping to resolve them by rereading them.”

Almost A Decade Ago, On One Of His Many Tours Of The Country.  (Clarín Archive)

Almost a decade ago, on one of his many tours of the country. (Clarín Archive)

-Is going back to settle in Argentina unthinkable?

-My career was forged in Argentina, there I grew up in television, as in film and theater. Then came a quantum leap that I did not expect, without ever neglecting my nexus. I just traveled to Buenos Aires to record the Netflix series Gate 7 and I never stop evaluating proposals. Going back is always in my plans.

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