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”I love being able to contribute even if there’s a doubt”: Pati Navdad

''I love being able to contribute even if there's a doubt'': Pati Navdad

Mexico City.- Pati Christmas They believe that being censored on the social network has violated their freedom of expression; Thereafter, he continued to voice his views on issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic; mostly based on fake notes

I am not attacking or insulting anyone I’m not an information medium or anything, I’m just a person who expresses opinions and shares information that may be false to many, but a certain important and increasingly large percentage of others are not false ,” he says in an interview.

The actress explains that it should be understood that diversity of ideas Because it makes us unique and rich as human beings.

mention yes She is attacked because of separation no problem with that ok it ain’t nothing that hurts you u doesn’t see it as something personal because that’s it”on another level of consciousness. but I like being able to contribute even when I’m in doubt So that people think for themselves, question and investigate.”

Paty Navidad and her censorship on social networks

For an actress in a soap opera like “Amar Sin Le” His Twitter account has been suspended five times; On instagram So many others have threatened it. She says that she does not understand the situation, as she only expresses her views and is not an informational medium. nor is it seen as a Opinion leader.

i am another citizen And I think in social networks, what should be taken care of more is pornography, pedophilia, offensive subjectPeople who speak with a vocabulary that no longer makes sense because it’s not our language can’t say two words without attacking or insulting them,” he says.

sorry for patty don’t be censored But think differently. for actress there are no conspiracy theories, Well reported in the network What he shares is based on that.

“I think that’s where I believe it’s very clear in social networks that digital dictatorship, where do you have to think like everyone And if you’re not out of the box and they isolate you, I don’t mind, I integrate myself into what I can and want and if others don’t want to, I No problem, they are within their rights.

Among the comments Christmas has shared through its social networks are those that are related to . from the pandemic COVID-19 in which they do not believe and do not intend to vaccinate against this virus; Although he had to do so to participate in the “MasterChef” event.