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“I know I will never give up music completely.”

Placido Domingo The Teatro is reunited with Colón. The Spanish artist, who first appeared in Buenos Aires 50 years ago, will renew his bond with the Argentine public this Thursday and Sunday the 10th.

“2021 was a year full of artistic satisfaction and without health ailments, and I hope this year will be the same or why not, better. The pandemic has caused us great suffering, but it has also allowed us to Appreciate all the good things in life”, The artist told the Madrid newspaper El Mundo before traveling to our country.

Turning 81 in January, Buenos Aires is part of a series of international productions that include some of the most important theaters in the world.

“I have decided to light the candles in front of a mirror so that 81 becomes 18, a start full of faculties and dreams. I feel lucky to have my life and my family.” And he continues: “This season, in addition to returning to Colon, I will visit Mexico City and Monterrey, I will sing in Paris, Versailles, then Dubai, Salzburg, Munich, my beloved Verona Arena … Music near me There are programs in Motril, Jerez de la Frontera and Seville”, he enthuses.

Overcoming the episode of allegations of harassment by the media, which were never actually reported in court, the singer reflects on what happened. “The truth is, I apologized from the very first moment in case I inadvertently inconvenienced someone. Apologizing for the way I am is above all a moral duty and does not mean I have done any wrong. Because I have never abused anyone. The biggest mistake I made was to remain silent for too long., It’s not easy to reason or make decisions when you’re overwhelmed by events.”

tonight The artist will be accompanied by the theater’s stable orchestra, accompanied by musical direction by Jordi Bensar and a performance by soprano María Jose Siri., He will feature works by Verdi, Giordano, Ambroise Thomas and Jules Massenet.

“I worry that the objective facts have been replaced by derogatory and false slogans that spread too quickly on social networks,” he says. “The news about my alleged guilt became artistic cancellation, but there was no interest for me to explain or qualify anything … I don’t mind admitting that perhaps I didn’t know that illusion. But the media controversy became a parallel test, this is what hurts me the most and I never understood.” Immediately, he leaves behind the bad memories and, with his eyes set on the future, he clarifies: “If I have learned anything from the pandemic, it is not to plan. Everything should follow its course naturally, without any kind of accusation. When I started singing, I never thought that I would reach this active age. I know that I will never give up music completely. It is a part of my life not only as a singer but also as a director. I think there will come a night when, after a performance, I will say to myself: ‘This has been the last’. Then we’ll go to dinner as usual and I’ll be overjoyed.”

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