Mexico City (EL Universal).- After yosselin hoffman After she was convicted of the offense of child pornography, speaking about the rape in a video that Ainara Su├írez suffered during a party when she was a minor, it has become common that she visits Santa Martha. In Mexico City’s Akatitla, where she has been detained since June 29, sends messages to her followers.

Most recently there is a note on a notebook sheet in which he wrote: “I’ve felt the power and responsibility that lies in words and most important right now is love, strength and honesty.”

Through her Instagram account, which is managed by her boyfriend today, the publication invited her fans to reflect with YouTuber, but above all she stood out as this message appears the day after March that he would have followers. their freedom.

they march for their freedom

The event, which was called off via social networks, was held on 25 July in Bellas Arts, attended by less than 20 people, as confirmed by his follower Rodrigo de la Pea, who attended. Was. “The government and the media were extremely disappointed, because we were in a handful of races, about 15 people very optimistic,” de la Pea said in a live video.

The image created by YosStop, as it is known in the virtual world, is also important because it is specifically being accused of describing a video in which Pineapple victim of exploitation. “Turning my fears into my own strength is the most powerful tool to develop. My duty is to find and deliver the full potential of my voice and my heart. I accept with love and faith in the good that I have helped and Made to do something. Great”, the content creator wrote in two colors, blue and pink.

The latest news on legal issues was that she was involved with the process, but her lawyer Ricardo Cajal explained in an interview that they would appeal the judge’s decision with the intention of completely absolving her of the crime.

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