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Saturday, October 1, 2022

‘I hate this’ King Charles throws ‘tantrum’ over spilled pen

  • The queen consort tried to calm him down.
  • All were willing for the king to ‘sign’
  • So bad character has the new king?

King Charles of England again starred in a controversial scene on Tuesday when he was visibly angry at a damaged pen that leaked ink and stained his hands during an important ceremony on his visit to Hillsborough Castle in Northern Ireland.

Charles, along with Queen Camilla, attended a reception at the castle, where he met members of the Northern Ireland Assembly. What they did not expect is that the now monarch would throw a tantrum again for the “pens” that he uses to sign his documents.

He had already made a scene!

He had already made a scene!

After being made official as the new monarch of the United Kingdom, King Charles III was filled with criticism on social networks after being caught in a questionable attitude towards some workers. On Twitter they did not stop criticizing him and comparing him to his mother, who was never “badly educated.”

It is a record where he is seen giving some orders, “in a bad way”, even “showing his teeth”, as certain Twitter users wrote. But there were also those who defended him, saying that he had to “understand him, since he just lost his mother.” FILED FROM: King Charles throws a tantrum

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