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“I fall behind with laughter”: When and where can you see the new season?

Me caigo de risa nueva temporada

The show will have a new season that is about to premiere.

MEXICO CITY – “I fall down with laughter” In its last editions it was able to place itself in the preference of the audience, almost a year away it was confirmed that it was a new seasonSo even though you thought the show was going to end, the reality is that the Program will return very soon.

Faysi and the great cast of actors and comedians who made up the program’s “dysfunctional family” who made several laugh with its events have announced that they will return this 2022 for great moments of fun.

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When will the “premiere” of “Me caigo de lachen” be?

It was through the Instagram account of “I fall down with laughter” that the show confirmed that new editionthat is published next January 31. It was also announced that the audience could again enjoy all the events of the “dysfunctional family” and the special guests.

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Where can I see the new season of “I’m falling with laughter”?

the eighth season of “I’m losing the laugh.”“You can tune to channel 5 and open television or on the channel 105 if you have a pay-TV system. As for their schedule, they will continue with the usual, ie Monday to Thursday at 8:00 p.m..

Who becomes part of the “dysfunctional family” of “I fall with lachen”?

In one Video shared on December 13th Faisy and the members of the “dysfunctional family” confirmed the arrival of the new season, And it was in this very recording that the cast was revealed who will appear in this new edition that promises to be recharged!

Faisy, Michel Rodríguez, Ariana Albarran, Mariana Echeverría, Mariazel, Yurem Rojas, Ricardo Margalef, Armando Hernández, Gaby Platas, El Guana are some of the talents working in the Videowhich supposedly showed those who were part of season eight.

But to confirm it, you can’t miss the new season’s premiere this coming January 31st.

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