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“I decided to stop working as a session artist and dedicate myself completely”

"I decided to stop working as a session artist and dedicate myself completely"

There are plenty of excuses for Fabrisio Rodriguez to play at the Teatro Opera this Friday. Aside, Celebrate your 20 year music careerbut Also the presentation of his new album To liveIncluding the participation of such great guests as Abel Pintos, Mariana Baraj, Ceba López (Los Tekis), El Indio Lucio Rojas, Ahire and Mattias Zapata.

Of course, this would not be the first time that he would step on that stage, as during the past two decades he has been a guest harmonica player for several artists, such as Abel Pintos, who will make appearances himself. this performance.

Fabrisio Rodriguez, is now on his way to his first solo opera.

Fabrisio Rodriguez, is now on his way to his first solo opera.

“It’s a pleasure,” says Fabricio, “because I always get to go with them.” So, when I invited him over, I told him that I had gone to the opera with him countless times, but this time I wanted him to be with me in just one.”

on disk To liveAbel was one of the producers and sang the theme drive me crazy,

According to Fabrisio Rodriguez, Javier Calamaro would also be in vocals, “a friend I worked with for a long time”. He does not name many more, as he knows it depends on the commitments that other Allied artists have, such as the San Javier Trio and Alejandro Lerner. “Invitations have been extended, and if they can, they will be,” he explains.

In short, this will be the first time that Fabricio will step onto the stage in his entire career with his show, his entire band, and special guests.

A Very Active Summer (and Autumn)

Fabricio Rodriguez has been very active in recent months.

Fabricio Rodriguez has been very active in recent months.

According to the musician, “After two years of being practically unemployed, it was possible to set up tours again this summer. We were at about 30 festivals. We started in December and ended in Dorrego on April 9. It was a surprise. That was the point, because no one knew what he was going to find, and some had 40 thousand people. So not only we needed people but people as well.”

-Do you think there is more desire to watch live music than before the pandemic?

– I noticed that the activity has resumed. When we finished the tour in 2020 we were done with several projects and other perspectives. Now he turned, but from the perspective of the situation in the country. So it’s not the same as before. There are many municipalities that were severely punished both financially and emotionally. I think we had to go a long way.

-What are you planning to perform in the opera?

I’m going to do everything and I’m going to give myself the pleasure of playing which sometimes can’t be done in festivals. I will try to find a balance between what I do at festivals and subjects that the people following me know. I have a career spanning 20 years, so I’ll look for songs that are part of other albums and I’ll do a segment with songs that come with me to festival shows, which I also enjoy. There will be many flavors, for all tastes.

-What comes after the opera?

-16th May we’re going to the USA to do 10 shows in 10 days, including playing at a really cool festival in Washington DC, where we were already in 2018 and 2019. It will be a great adventure and they are new challenges.

– What kind of rooms are these playing in?

-Some shows are in clubs organized by Argentines who want to keep the Argentine music alive there. And the most interesting thing is that they are not only Argentinians, but people from all over Latin America, and there are Yankees who love our music and dance Zamba and Chacarrera. And when we return, we will visit the interiors of the country. Thank God, the year is approaching well.

difficult to classify

Fabrisio Rodriguez

Fabrisio Rodriguez

-You’re a bit multi-format, where do you usually find yourself at festivals?

-In the last edition of Cosquin before the pandemic they put me on a special night where there were La Mona Jiménez and Los 4 de Córdoba. I’ve been fortunate enough to play many thanks to offers that aren’t closed to folklore, and to go to nights that weren’t there so much folklore.

Labels are the issue of the organizers and the press, but not of the public.

– People will enjoy. I also got rid of the prejudice of people who keep asking what I do. I say it’s music. Obviously, when I go to festivals I try to keep the essence of my folklore music but I allow myself to do some other things that are different from our folklore.

How do you see the bet you made a decade ago to be a solo artist?

I had to decide to stop working as a sessionsist for a bit and devote myself completely to this project. It is difficult but they are decisions which you have to take one at a time because otherwise it is too late. I decided in 2012 and the doors of Jesus Maria were opened to me, where I was the revelation and the anointed the following year. I have seen that artistically it can have good results and I am enjoying it very much.

-So they have a career of 20 years and 10 as a solo artist.

—and about ten with a rock band called Mr. Mojo. It was a band belonging to the folk style of American rock with slides. with that band we did will find it somewhere With Leon Giecko on the album tribute to calamari, We toured abroad as well, but that stage was over and I continued with myself as a solo artist.

– What happened to the rocker/bluesero who played with Divididos, Botafogo, Pappo, Juanse and Memphis La Blucera?

When I first came to Buenos Aires to work as a musician, there was one person who opened the doors for me, who was Miguel Botafogo. I still have the essence of that era of blues and rock. In fact, the song I recorded with Abel is half country, Mumford & Sons type. The harmonica is always present.


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