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“I consider Argentina my home”

The scene is in slow motion. His mind detaches from his body without warning, as if traveling to some other place. As if his world was running intermittently, everything felt too scattered. This is stage fright. A fear that is repeated in Lupe’s fictional universe and, perhaps, the greatest acting test Carol Sevillehero of it was always menew original series Disney+,

“As a grown girl it was hard to put myself in such a serious character, when I’m so outgoing,” admits former i am lunaWings is about to give wings to “Biggest Role of My Career”, which will hit the screens this Wednesday, June 15.

Addicted to jet lag and working for miles, Karol walks like home, but at a hotel in Recoleta. It is not ten o’clock in the morning and although she is not in her native country – but she is from her heart – she is burning. “Make yourself at home,” she says to break the ice, when in fact she’s a newcomer.

Karol Sevilla and Lupe: Perhaps their biggest acting test.  Disney Photo

Karol Sevilla and Lupe: Perhaps their biggest acting test. Disney Photo

“Coming back after such a long time brings back so many old memories. Basically I grew up in Argentina and I consider it my home”, he says of the fate that left him prematurely with world fame and far more than a few porteo catchphrases. Nice and they continue to get me this way. It fills you with love,” he admits.

– And that four years passed …

"Argentina always brings me good things and good luck", says the young actress.

“Argentina always brings me good things and good luck”, says the young actress.

Argentina is always present. It always brings me good things and good luck. I’m back at work now but I hope this gives me time to see friends and meet some people again on Monday (The cast of the youth phenomenon that made it popular). to end the truth i am luna, starting his career as a solo singer and was the arrival of this new character: Wow. Disney always surprises me.

– Didn’t you imagine coming back?

– I never left. The truth is, I’ve always had Disney on my forehead, they’ve always been my family. And that they continue to take you as an example is a great responsibility and gratitude. I still have the backpack and I love it. Because I am growing in my time but also doing projects that grab my attention.

Karol Sevilla in a scene from "It

Karol Sevilla in a scene from “It’s Me”. The series has 10 episodes.

– Part of growing up was taking the distance too?

Taking distance is always necessary. I said no, that I have to work all the time. But sometimes you realize that you have to take breaths to say: What am I going to do with my career? Do I want to sing, do I want to act? Because I was so lost.

– And how did you find yourself?

When did this project come about? That’s what brought me back in my career. Growing up is always difficult. It’s a huge challenge because they don’t teach us and there are no rules: you’re gonna live it. Hopefully… but it’s the most beautiful thing to learn.

He is also a singer.  "Women are coming up with everything in music, and that

He is also a singer. “Women are coming up with everything in music, and that’s very important,” she says.

And that’s when I traveled to Colombia with a director who told me: You’re not here anymore i am luna, let’s do something else. He was taking away the little things that I had planted so much. Lupe came on a very beautiful stage and changed me in many things. And the music also relieves me of being able to distract from a character a bit.

Another freedom…

Yes, it was great. To be able to reach Mexico and find myself with my music, compose, find this voice and express myself just the way I am. Because in the end I keep growing, it’s so interesting to have experiences and write them down. This is also a process. It’s part of the race and I love the process of watering it.

Madness for Lali Esposito.  "The fan that comes out when I look at it is huge," he says.

Madness for Lali Esposito. “The fan that comes out when I look at it is huge,” he says.

And he adds: “Women in music are coming up with everything and that’s very important. Everyone has something to say and this should be promoted more. It’s nice to be able to sing and collaborate with different nationalities , because it means we are talking and they will listen to us”.

his meeting with Lalit

– Do you still have the illusion of juggling with redness?

-I love him! I still love him. The fan that comes out on seeing it is very big. If it happens tomorrow, I’m glad. I would love it and not only with Lali, along with the many Argentine artists, singers and actresses whom I admire and respect.

-Have you had other offers to return to the screen before?

-I had offers to reach Mexico. And also from other countries. But the truth is that none of the characters called me.

Karol Sevilla talks about the cyberbullying she faced.

Karol Sevilla talks about the cyberbullying she faced.

-what was missing?

I don’t know, I’m always looking for a challenge in every character. And none of them gave me that personal and acting challenge that said: It’s going to be tough for me, but I want to do it. until the loop came. It is always a responsibility when you are asked to act in a series and above all, when your call comes and you see that you are going to have a schedule from start to finish. You know you’re going to have a great time on set.

-But in the Colombian Caribbean….

– How terrible, isn’t it? (Chain) It was like recording and listening to the sound of the ocean when we say texts. Scenes that literally made you want to look back more than the characters. I think this energy present at all times helped us a lot as an actor and the ocean is essential in this story.

You’ve reached out to millions of young people and you’ve used it to raise awareness of the criticism you’ve received about your body on social networks. Is this the first time you have faced cyberbullying?

-Look if. Obviously when you grow up you find yourself in the network with a lot of things that you don’t know how to handle. But it is very important to be able to talk about these issues and not becoming normal…

– Talking about the other’s body?

Yes, but it’s not like I have a magic wand to turn things around.

– Are we not so developed?

I think it depends on each person. I personally try to carry the message which is original and meant for my masses. My biggest advice is to be yourself, fulfill your dreams and be happy. That has always been my biggest motto.

And he clarifies: “Everyone manages their social network as they want and say what they want. It’s a free expression social network. But yes, we have to change a lot of things and it’s one thing that works.” It takes time to talk, listen, learn how to talk about many things and know what to say and what not to say.

Karol Sevilla was all the rage in "Soy Luna" from Disney, too.  photo file clarin

Karol Sevilla was all the rage in “Soy Luna” from Disney, too. photo file clarin

You seem very attached to the country. Have you ever dreamed of living here again?

-Always! If I had to stay here again, I definitely would. I put everything in my bag and let’s go. I keep a lot of things… Sometimes I get: Che, mom…

Like another portaa.

-Okay I’m sorry! The other day I thought I was half Argentine and half Mexican. Argentina is my home.

Suspense, romance, music and loose ends

Lupe’s is not a world of colors. Colored by a family tragedy that triggers a 10-episode plot, it involves a story of intrigue, love and more than one loose ending. “It’s the first time I’ve had a director ‘Pipe’ Cano, who has become so attached to the characters,” enthuses the only Mexican in the actress and cast.

“It is a project that is full of good vibes and where there is great talent. Not only that, I tell stories. Also noted are singer Pip Bueno (Noah, his musical partner) and actor Christian Tappan”, who also lent their voices to the series’ original soundtrack.

The thing is, the music, with lyrics by Mauricio Rengifo and Andrés Torres, is as much a part of that world as the hidden secrets.

“I’ve learned so much from living in another country, that this challenge always touches me. To learn from each and every actor and be able to bring them into the character is to always take SpongeBob with me. I’m a super extrovert, of all colors And it’s the opposite. It took me a lot of work, but I enjoyed it”, admits Kishore Murthy, who hung up his skates a while back.


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