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“I am very intelligent”. Mexican millionaire who was threatened by the CJNG says where he gets his money

  • The so-called Millionaire Boy gives something to talk about again in his networks
  • Fofo Márquez says where he gets his money
  • “I am very intelligent”

Fofo Marquez money. One of the Mexican influencers who have gained the most popularity in recent months, he returns to give something to talk about, after appearing in a controversial video where he mentions where he gets all the money he currently has. The youtuber is both loved and loved by Internet users on social networks.

This is the Mexican Rodolfo Márquez, better known as Foto Márquez, who has become a celebrity on social networks, in the same way he is known as the so-called Millionaire Boy. It should be remembered that at his young age, he has been involved in several scandals, but where does he get his money from?

Fofo Márquez reveals where he gets his money

Fofo Márquez reveals where he gets his money

At 25 years old, Fofo Márquez has generated a lot of controversy on his social networks, it should be remembered that he rose to fame because he has been seen showing off his luxuries, such as cars and some luxurious parties. He was even threatened on some occasion by the criminal group of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG).

This rumor occurred when the influencer uploaded a video to his TikTok account in which he shows how he “closes” the passage of the Matute Remus bridge, together with other people. In the clip he begins to make fun of the discomfort of the motorists and the “power” he had to carry out this act and surpass the authorities.

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