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“I am retiring because I think I completed a very important cycle”


María Graña, who was the singing voice in Osvaldo Pugliese’s orchestra and toured the world with the show Tango Argentino, celebrates its 50 years with tango and announced its farewell to the genre in two concerts that he will offer, together with Esteban Morgado Cuarteto, on the nights of November 25 and 27 at the Belgrano Auditorium.

“I retire from tango, I think I fulfilled a stage, I have dedicated 50 years to the genre and decided, recently, to dabble in bolero, folklore and jazz and It seems to me that it is time to change. That is why I decided at this point in my life to do other things, “said María Graña.

In these presentations, (the second one added after exhausting the one on the 25th) that will feature special guests, the owner of a privileged voice and a melodic and powerful style together with his audience, he will celebrate his journey with the music of Buenos Aires.

To Say Goodbye, María Graña Will Sing What The Audience Has Chosen, Plus Some Pearls.  Photo: Pedro Lázaro Fernández

To say goodbye, María Graña will sing what the audience has chosen, plus some pearls. Photo: Pedro Lázaro Fernández

The elect of the public

According to the singer herself, in these shows she will address a repertoire with the themes that the public chose and will also include “little pearls”.

Between the 70s and 80s, Graña was a figure in several television programs dedicated to the genre such as The tango club and Great values ​​of tango. After in The apothecary of the Angel, by Eduardo Bergara Leumann, in the ’90s he devoted himself to investigate the work of Astor Piazzolla with Horacio Ferrer, and came to do seasons at the Armenonville theater, in France and in Broadway theaters, in New York.

Born in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Villa Urquiza, Graña said that the greatest influence in his career was his father, tango singer who carried the artistic name of Carlos Graña. “I started studying singing from the age of 12, I prepared a lot, I have many years of study and many years of stage,” he said.

The artist began taking singing classes with teacher Elvira Aquilano, who accompanied her for 17 years in this task; in 1970 he appeared in the contest organized by the television program Sing the people, which was broadcast on Channel 7, and achieved the first prize with The song of Buenos Aires.

Your first recording

When Ben Molar produced the album The usual, which included 14 unpublished tangos, by notable creators of the genre and almost all sung by unknown vocalists, one of the latter was performed by María Carmen Graña (her full name) with the theme And never again your loveby Francisco Pracánico and Leopoldo Díaz Vélez.

Maria Graña.  He Says Goodbye To Tango With Two Shows At The Belgrano Auditorium On November 25 And 27.  Photo: Pedro Lázaro Fernández

Maria Graña. He says goodbye to tango with two shows at the Belgrano Auditorium on November 25 and 27. Photo: Pedro Lázaro Fernández

In 1973 the pianist and conductor Osvaldo Pugliese summoned her to join his orchestra, in which Abel Córdoba sang since 1964, and that is how he made his debut at the Michelangelo nightclub. With Pugliese he sang in the most important houses of the tango world.

Thus he took his first steps on this path; while his first album was released in 1975 and was called The great tango player, which was followed by another eight record albums.

The singer also participated in the 2016 Tango World Cup and performed several shows with Esteban Morgado, the Sexteto Mayor and Pablo Estigarribia, among others.

In 2019, he sang again with the guitarist Esteban Morgado, who in front of his quartet will accompany Graña in this historic presentation at the auditorium located at Virrey Loreto 2348, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Belgrano.

María Graña Chose Guitarist Esteban Morgado For Her Farewell Shows.

María Graña chose guitarist Esteban Morgado for her farewell shows.

Regarding her bond with Morgado, the singer said: “We met when we started doing a cycle in 36 Billares that, in principle, we were going to do for three weekends and where we ended up turning two years old.”

“Morgado is a great musician and we have a lot feeling “, added. “We work together because we feel very good and we can spend quiet hours together, because we have a very fluid dialogue.”


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