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Hypocrite? Details discovered in Will Smith’s apology

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  • Four months after the slap at the Oscars, Will Smith finally ‘shows his face’
  • In a video in which he apologizes to Chris Rock, users noticed a peculiar detail
  • Did you do everything to support your son?

Did it backfire? Without a doubt, one of the events that will be remembered the most this year, and for a long time, is the slap that Will Smith gave comedian Chris Rock during the last Oscars after he made an unfortunate comment about his wife, fellow actress Jada Pinkett Smith.

A couple of days ago, four months after that incident, the protagonist of films such as Independence Day, Hitch and Men in Black, finally ‘showed his face’ on video, although he had already shared a message on his social networks, to offer an apology to the humorist, although several users noticed a peculiar detail and many wonder if he did it to support his son Jaden.

Will Smith Asked Why He Didn’t Apologize To Chris Rock When He Received Oscar

Will Smith Asked Why He Didn't Apologize To Chris Rock When He Received Oscar

About to reach 3 million views, the video where Will Smith apologizes to Chris Rock for having slapped him on stage is available on his official YouTube channel. Youtubewhere it has about 10 million subscribers.

Among what caught the most attention was the fact that he confessed that he did not apologize to the comedian at the time he was giving his speech, after accepting the Oscar for best actor, because he was overwhelmed and ‘everything was blurry’: “I I have contacted Chris and the message he got back is that he is not ready to talk and when he is he will contact me.”

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