Husband Chapoy supports Frida Sofia after she decides to condemn Guzmán (Video)

The journalist who cried with the singer when she denied her granddaughter’s allegations, now celebrates as the young woman takes legal action against her.

Mexico.- husband chapoy Having been one of the most important journalists after showing the obvious Support for Enrique Guzmán In connection with the dispute with Frida Sofia. But now the lead presenter of “Ventanendo” was happy that the young woman took legal action against her grandfather.

Even the driver applauded her decision and celebrated that Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter has finally begun the legal process that she said she would start long ago.

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Pati celebrates Frida’s performance

This June 9, Frida Sofia shared a lengthy video via her Instagram account, in which she confirmed the legal process has been initiated against the singer and her mother, Alejandra Guzmán.

I want justice, not revenge Because it’s part of my healing. i want justice‘I ask officers to know the facts, according to the law, act honestly and show that fame or influence doesn’t matter and justice exists,’ Sylvia Pinal’s granddaughter said in her video.

After this statement, husband Chapoy showed his support and celebrated the decision of the girl. He also appreciated that he has moved away from the media issue in which his case was being handled and started giving it the seriousness it deserved.

“how good is [Frida Sofía] already advised and how good that it is in the hands of the law So that the investigation is done and the psychologists take a decision, ”said the leader of the entertainment program.

he has avoided giving interviews And talk, how nice […] It is already in the hands of lawyers, it is in the hands of experts and it will take a long time”, said Pati, who agreed with frida sofia decided to do.

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