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“Humble and unforgettable”: the mariachis who played for Salma Hayek in Italy revealed details of her birthday

The Mexican actress celebrated her 56th birthday accompanied by Italian and Mexican musicians

In the middle of a group of mariachis, Salma Hayek He was seen on social networks celebrating his birthday with his family and some friends last Friday. For this celebration, they would not have spared any expense, since everything was a surprise organized with time against the actress, she detailed for Infobae Mexico Antonella Serafini, the director of Mariachi Land of Mexicothe group that played during the celebration.

On her Instagram account, Salma Hayek shared that as part of the celebrations for her 56th birthdaysang alongside mariachis, and although he did not give more details about it, Antonella Serafini shared to this medium that everything was very surprising, both for the guests and for them, since they were hired with the maximum discretion by the friends of the actress

According to the director of Tierra de México, a few days before the event, they contacted her to play Capri the september 2but when it comes to making a whole trip and organizing all the musicians -who were busy because they have their respective jobs and it is the national month-, it was a complicated situation for the mariachis.

Salma Hayek turned 56 and celebrated in Italy, accompanied by one of the only mariachi groups found on the peninsula, the Tierra de México group (Photos: Instagram/@salmahayek)

All the musicians were afraid to accept this offer, because did not have a formal contract and everything was a word deal, but Antonella, seeing that the agency was organizing everything in a very professionalventured to travel to Capri.

Once they arrived at the village where the event took place, no one talked about who they would sing for or what the celebration was about, since they didn’t even know it was a birthday. The secret was kept until the last moment.

“For my part, I asked if the client was Mexican, Italian, American… No one answered me (…) mine was a professional question, not a gossip one. And nothing. Until the organizer speaking on the phone said: ‘Let me know when Salma leaves’. And as a joke, the founder of the group said: ‘Salma Hayek? Sure, she sure as hell is Salma Hayek.’ But he was joking himself, I didn’t think so

It was until finally I enter Salma Hayek that they realized that it was actually the Mexican actress they were playing for.

The surprise was great for all those who were in the place, because while Salma did not expect that in Italy a group of mariachis would sing to her from the most typical songs, to some rancheras, the musicians could not believe that it was Hayek for whom they were playing.

Tierra de México is a mariachi group that was created by the Italian Fiore Angerame and work in Italy. The nationalities of its musicians are diverse, since Mexicans, Italians and Americans make up the group, all united only by their passion for Mexican culture and musicas shared by its director with Infobae last April.

Previously, Serafini shared with this medium that Tierra de México has existed for 15 years and all those who make it up remain only because of their passion for Mexico (Photo: Courtesy of Antonella Serafini)
Previously, Serafini shared with this medium that Tierra de México has existed for 15 years and all those who make it up remain only because of their passion for Mexico (Photo: Courtesy of Antonella Serafini)

not even she expected it. It was a surprise from his friends. she has been a fairly reserved dinner among few friends. She has been very good to us. Humbled, he thanked us, and more importantly, treated us like professional musicians. For me, it has been a unforgettable moment. Two hours I have lived a movie without wanting”

For two hours the mariachis played different songs for Salma Hayek and her friends; some of the songs they performed were Kiss Me a lot, I learned with you, Taste of me, the tequila, the blackamong other popular topics.

Serafini shared to Infobae Mexico that one of the things that most surprised them about the protagonist of Frida is that at all times she behaved grateful to them and very humble, “as if she wasn’t famous”said.

After two hours of sharing some songs with Salma, the actress and her friends continued the celebration inside the house, so the musicians had to return to Naples. Due to how rushed everything was, they no longer found boats from Capri, so the hosts hired a private one so that the mariachis could return safely.

“We traveled to Naples lying down, with the passage from Capri receding, the stars high… I enjoyed every second. No one manages to surprise me like life does. And the funny thing is that it was accidental!”, concluded Serafini.


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