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Humberto Tortonese as a matriarch

Humberto Tortonese as a matriarch

After the hardest of the pandemic, Humberto Tortonese decided to move some of the pieces in his life. “I was doing a lot of radio, I had opened, with two partners, the El Loro Negro Cultural Center and I was left, like everyone else, with my head half touched by the pandemic. That’s when the offer came fat”, summarizes the actor.

The play by Russian playwright Maximo Gorky (written in 1910) opens this Thursday at the Teatro Regio, which is part of CTBA, in a version by Felicitas Kamien, Walter Jacob and Augustine Mendillaharzou, directed by Comian. Vasa is a woman who tries to control her entire family with her overwhelming character.

However, the decision to return to the stage was not an easy one. “Last December, I was a little tired, I didn’t know how to continue, I wanted to enjoy everything more and I was also sad for my dog ​​Alicia, who was sick.” The pet, famous for being always seen on the actor’s Instagram, finally died a month ago.

Turtle at the door of the Teatro Reggio.

Turtle at the door of the Teatro Reggio.

There was a magical moment in the situation, amidst the uncertainty and pain, when Spanish actor Eusebio Poncella, a friend of his years, told him that he was doing a play, spider women kiss, “Excited, he told me I had to do it and I’ve already done it. But the comment that pushed me was this”healthy theater“. The phrase had an almost magical effect and that’s where I made up my mind.”

Next step was to leave radio after more than 20 years with Elizabeth Vernassi the black pop And focus on the theatre. “Even though you enjoy what you do, you have to move from time to time so as not to bloat, at least I need to,” he says. “That was a complete circle.”

after meeting the director of fat And after reading the play more than five times, she became convinced to play this authoritarian and controlling matriarch. He says, “It is not easy to accept a role because you take a responsibility, but that is where I started giving birth to it.”

According to Tortonis, there was little relic of the original Russian character except for their essence.

According to Tortonis, there was little relic of the original Russian character except for their essence.

And he adds: “Also, I wanted to feel the uncertainty that theater gives to starting rehearsals and not knowing whether what you’re doing is right or not, that live shared with the public.” To return to the ritual that’s going to see you. Because they love you. One targets that audience, because in the long run, theater gives you love.”

From Vasa Zheleznova as conceived by Gorky in the early 20th century, within the framework of the Russian Revolution, there is now a Vasa whose context, on this side of the world, is the financial crisis, inflation and social explosion. There is a house and a company with almost nothing left, whose founding father is on the verge of death.

According to the Tortonians, there was little relic of the original Russian character except their essence. “There’s something weird about her in this woman and the work is put together like an Argentine family. She manages everything and holds them back because of her reliance on money. Vasa has so much character that her kids turn their heads.” Can’t lift them, she ‘does not want to set them free and controls them with the power of her money,’ he describes.

with drama and humor

With lots of drama and some acid humor featuring the actor, Tortonese assures that this version of the work has everything from each genre. and a cast composed of Horacio Marasi, Anabella Basiglupo, Javier Pedersoli, Mariano Sayavedra, Andrea Nussembaum, Dario Levi, Viviana Vazquez, Rita González and Diego Baez (members of the puppet group).

functions of fat They will be on Thursday through Sunday at 8 p.m. in Reggio, AV Cordoba 6056. Platea $1,050 (Thursday, $550).


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