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“Hoy” Interview With Eleazar Gomez Generates Criticism (VIDEO)


MEXICO CITY (EL UNIVERSAL) .- Eleazar Gómez is back to resume his career as a singer, and in addition to receiving support from fans, the actor gave his first interview to the Mexican media for the program . Televisa’s “Today”, in which he explains his plans after serving time in prison for physically assaulting his then-partner, Peruvian singer Tefi Valenzuela.

On November 4, 2020, alezar gomezo He was arrested for trying to strangle his partner, Stephanie Valenzuela, and on the 8th he was linked to a process for similar family violence, for which he spent 4 months in North Men’s until the process was suspended. Spent in preventive prison.

When the actor issued a public apology to his former partner as well as “all the women who offended or assaulted my behavior” in late March, it seemed to fulfill one of the points that a conditional suspension meant. Equivalent is the procedure for the offense of family violence, of which he pleaded guilty.

Andrea Escalona placeholder image, the host of the morning, was in charge of interviewing Eleazar, in conversation, Gomez spoke of learning after being in prison and the opportunity of a new life that was presented to her.

The actor, who dressed completely white in the interview, admitted that his family was the main force in his difficult moments in prison, moreover, he admitted that it was his mother whom he missed the most. “I’ve never felt abandoned, I’ve always felt the strength and love of my family, not 100 percent, to the extent that I can’t even explain to you.”

The actor confessed that he felt lonely and sad when he was in prison, adding that he prays every day, as he considers himself a man of faith; On top of this, he manages his time to read, write, and exercise.

critique of interview

The interview, which lasted just over eight minutes, was not liked by many users, who expressed their dissent on both the program’s YouTube account and Instagram.

“Televisa and his double standards, America’s player Renato Ibarra, were dropped from the team for killing his wife and this opens the door for the actor to become a victim of his past as he has done in other interviews, in short, When will he learn Televisa”.

“In my opinion, you shouldn’t have a place on television to try to prove something you’re not.”

“I’m going to miss it, nothing to do with femicide should be promoted or supported.”

“I don’t like him, he let me down as a person, respected what a woman did, and that’s good. Now he comes to play the victim.”

Some, though they preferred to give the actor the benefit of the doubt and a second chance, realized how delicate the problem of violence was. “I believe a violent person doesn’t change, but I hope this fear has reflected in him. Anyone who is going to be his next girlfriend will have to go through it carefully or think twice.”

Before ending the interview, Andrea Escalona questioned Elizar about what the woman meant to him, and the actor replied: “It means the most important thing in the world, the most important, the most important, we come from a woman; for me, my mother and my sister, and all women, they have always been the most important thing in my life; woman. beautiful thing that can exist on this planet”, Finished.

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