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How’s Trinchera, New Babasonicos Album

How's Trinchera, New Babasonicos Album

At this point in his career, although the composer is running against none other than his own work (“Let’s stop fighting among ourselves”, says Adrian Dargelos in “Vacio”), Babasonicos faces a crossroads. which is typical of a project that has a vast (and iconoclastic) past And still a glimpse of another path to the future,

it is become ordinary and unimportant (and lost against the system they fought—a fight not free from contradictions and tensions—since its inception) under the unquestioning dress of the classics or continuing some sort of breakdown, from gestational innovations and dissent Intervening in the present (“paso su vida” building a conceptual wooden boat”, he says at one point).

Trinchera, their new album—it came out this Friday, April 29—continues, in this sense, the intensity of questions opened with theoretical mechanisms. controversial: Does the rock have any anticultural value? How to generate transcendence when humans left everything in the hands of algorithms, playlists and collaboration (feat)?

New Babasonicos, "Trench".

New Babasonicos, “Trench”.

but not only that, because It is also by sound that Babasonicos tries to be ideological. with your previous work.

It’s as if they raised a strategic flag (think of the iconography on Alejandro Ros’s cover) in their journey toward maturity: as the internet becomes increasingly saturated with fleeting stimuli, they uncover a striping that evokes elegance, Intuition leads to finesse and sharpness.

where is the value of the gap

Value is not given in greed and energy (which made them pre-Jessica), but in the knowledge of lyrical and sonorous choice: the beginning of hug is hug, with a seductive dialogue between guitar and voice, is a perfect gateway in that regard. and so begins to depict precise and nocturnal geography (left of night This album has a position take).

it is understandable. Babasonicos was a project that arose as a volcanic eruption that spoke of Periside (he said) de-generation, “Cause my generation splurge on your opinion today/Because for my generation / Something Happens”) and each album was an accumulation of layers of meaning that created a seductive chaos.

grass, zombie trance, dopadrome, babasonica You miami It is, perhaps, the most extraordinary link of a group in a democracy and, on the other hand, it has strengthened the artistic credibility of the group. Those were the years when Babasonicos conquered all fears, tried every possible life and understood that They only had to descend in elusive popularity,

Adripan Dargelos, from Babasonicos, at Lollapalooza 2022.  photo martin bonetto

Adripan Dargelos, from Babasonicos, at Lollapalooza 2022. photo martin bonetto

It was as Palo Pandolfo said in an interview: “Babasonikos in the 90s tried to suck my brain.” And there was something in it. so the presence of Jessica marked an aesthetic, poetic and musical destiny that was strengthened with Infamous, tomorrow night, very, by the way, romantic seismic and those who have brought them to this day ditch front clamp,

individual, but unmarked

As a band that aspires to establish a personal sphere, Babasonicos operates from the ensemble of simple classifications, despite the fact that their songs have a very distinctive personality in their 21st century version.

in song nordic lie Say: “Let me reject your project / I’m not good at perfection.” It is the group’s dialectics in terms of the meaning of the part’s interior of the song: a prevailing ethic favoring a rhetoric of failure, nonsense, and confrontation (“Love me or abandon me, decide now”, in is heard beautiful luxury,

That’s why nocturnes reign as the ideal setting ditch front clamp: This is a scenario where the performance of JoySense is put into operation where Appears to recreate the bonds of entanglement, delusion and the eternal present,

they say emotional capital (A sort of antithesis of affective responsibility so widely known in social networks): “Who will notice that I left? / Who? Who keeps track of those things? / Who will notice that I’m gone? / Who ? He survives in the shadow of a hand”.

in ditch front clamp The repertoire of characters to whom Dargelos was so fond is no longer there. And left for some texture where the reflection is dense, but it does not end, but stakes everything on the suggestion: “Who can smile constantly all the time? / Knowing that death works, “They say contradiction,

Which makes us think of this album as a series of exhibitions of interiority and psychic journeys with their fair share, where the instrumentation is based on the sensuality that Dargelos never gives up and which tends to the extreme. Anubis (Which contains these extraordinary and splendid verses: “You are one of the first flowers taken from Abasto / In the depths of the bourgeois the doors of Anubis are opened”).

Babasonicos at Lollapalooza 2022.  photo martin bonetto

Babasonicos at Lollapalooza 2022. photo martin bonetto

Doingit would have to do with what it was composed and recorded in a pandemic And in your own studio? Truth is this ditch front clamp It establishes vitality in abandonment and mortality. so the first cut is Bye (also the name of the tour): “Love me till morning / And then goodbye, don’t follow me / I have important business to attend.”

Borges said that his virtue was the speaking and filtering of emotions through symbols. It was never meant to be sentimental or compulsive. with babasonics ditch front clamp Talks of fragility and uncertainty in the surrounding area. And this is how he found talking about death.

But it’s a symbol that’s covered with a lot Drain, seductive rhythms, subtle setting, decadent beauty and lyrics that wrap thoughts in golden cellophane and with the spirit of a (pagan) chant. in Bye They say: “If this world stands still.” When in doubt, dance the Babasonicos, and invites the bodies to come closer to the dance. Even if it’s one piece. And then give up on yourself without guilt.

It remains to ask:ForkIs this a new album or is it another Babasonicos album? Maybe the answer lies in the song wind and tide: “I am the one who keeps a dream alive for so long / Against all odds”.


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