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How’s The Dropout, the series about scammers dazzling Silicon Valley

The owner of Hollywood’s biggest eyes – probably – used them in this story like never before. Through them he shows us passion, ambition, despair. He manages the classrooms, the eyelids, the pupils, and speaks to whatever is set up. He practices how to look, and that’s how he adores communications tycoons and former secretaries of state. He empowers himself, collapses, recalculates. Look at that as the key point of their language.

Promoted with a hypnotic measure of the diameter of Amanda Seyfried’s eyes, drop out Added to the list of several fashion chains that highlight the almost handmade creation of a thug that exists in real life. in this matter, Trickster does not use Tinder, nor the art of disguise on Instagram. it uses blood, “One drop, just one”. It promises to transform the analytics industry.

“What if you could test your blood at home?”Asks a 19-year-old Stanford University dropout who asks his parents to invest his college money in an important company. It plans a system of access to health for all through a self-test without a syringe, a device “the size of an iPod”. problem: There may be a gap between saying and doing.

Elizabeth Holmes and a Trap of Lies That Involved Tycoons.

Elizabeth Holmes and a Trap of Lies That Involved Tycoons.

Unravels the mental complexity of the story, while reassuring Elizabeth Holmes, founder of American biotech company Theranos, This year the billionaire was found guilty of fraud and his modus operandi alerted a certain business culture in the bowels of Silicon Valley. His skill at defrauding investors made this fantasy about the incredible architecture of lies.

What if the desire to be a unicorn company is nothing more than a fictional element with more illusion than existence? What if the desire to be a CEO exceeds the skill of being one? What if hunger becomes the most dangerous weapon for entrepreneurial recognition?

With a poster of Steve Jobs as a guide, the cunning weaver tries to move on, but is only left in forms, as the saving machine does not go beyond a prototype. Determined, she will generate lucrative marketing as a young entrepreneur and secure tie-ups with laboratories. The pressure to comply once and for all with such an invention would trigger a condition of suffocation.

About masks and lies.  Sam Waterston in "The Dropout".

About masks and lies. Sam Waterston in “The Dropout”.

As soon as that ambition involves human life, the game becomes more dangerous. Gora’s craft for manipulation in the form of lies, patchwork, seduction and corruption is bound to increase. falsifies results, adulterates blood, corrupts The more immersed she finds herself in her own net.

Target locks up a demo. And history lingers in the despair that is the impossibility of consent. What if such a technology is possible, but takes ten years to achieve? What if capitalist urgency does not consider patience? What if persistence isn’t enough? What if it appears to be enough for business glory? What if there is no potential contract between good intentions and the business? The biggest problem doesn’t lie: It’s the dosage. Holmes uses it in large quantities as a permanent antidote, which requires eternal energy, ingenuity, memory and time that does not exist.

Amanda as the young billionaire who was accused of fraud and indicted with her company Theranos.

Amanda as the young billionaire who was accused of fraud and found guilty with her company Theranos.

There aren’t too many narrative tricks to get inside Elizabeth’s head. Following the teenage trauma of his father’s firing from Enron (Michael Gill), he has no remorse, only aiming to further his own delusions. She doesn’t even have time for love, even as she tries it out with an older man, Sunny (Naveen Andrews), who will become her partner. The period painting is consistent: it is centered between 2000 and 2010, a close to the past, moving from “dumb” cell phones to a world opened by “intelligent” people.

A few days ago, businessman Marcos Galperin, Mercado Libre. Founder and Director ofDefined the Hulu series based on podcasts—as a “Every Entrepreneur Must Watch”. Maybe I’m not mistaken in a certain serious intent of the plot. In a world where millions of people want their instant unicorn, not everyone is ready to feed the “colt” or hear the truth: You don’t always reach a winged horse.

A project to "save lives" turns out to be a dangerous business plan.

A project to “save lives” turns out to be a dangerous business plan.


Eligibility: Good.

gender: drama. Main character: Amanda Seyfried, Naveen Andrews. creator: Elizabeth Merweather. Director: Michael Showalte (in most episodes). issue: The full season of 8 episodes available on Star+.

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