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How were the ratings, The Eight Steps of the Million and Showmatch. with

 How were the ratings, The Eight Steps of the Million and Showmatch.  with

With the intention of improving the rating numbers in the central night time slot, El Tres Tre Bet on the Classic Format, But Refurbished: Thus, it premiered at 21 8 steps of crore, led by Guido Cazca, while Marcelo Tinelli’s showmatch took place on 22.

At its premiere, the question-and-answer program – as its name indicates, grants up to one million pesos in prizes – began with a base of 6.4 points. It should be remembered that next to the kazka there is one made up of jury Nicole Newman, Carmen Barbieri, Martin Lieberman and Gino Toubro.

As the program evolved, viewership began to increase. Thus, during its first minutes it was climbing until it reached the 8.8 mark. A good figure though meanwhile in the competitive channel, telefe news It reached a peak of over 13 points.

El Tres All-Terrain Driver Guido Cazca Got Off To A Good Start.

El Tres all-terrain driver Guido Cazca got off to a good start.

Tough competition

Later, 8 steps of crore had to contend with Doctor Miracle, the Turkish soap opera that is creating a sensation. But even though he was a fierce opponent, Guido Cazca’s program keeps on climbing and up to two digits, with 10 digits. For its part, the medical drama was over 16.

The maximum score of the new program reached 12.1 points, when he handed over the treasure. Thus, it became the most visited day of the day at El Tres. Doctor Miracle Won that strip with a peak of 20.2 points and an average of 17.7 against 9.3 eight steps of a crore.

In this way, Cazka delivered the message to Tinelli with an acceptable audience. It should be remembered that the driver of show match He posted on his Instagram that every night he had to “row in dulce de leche”, something that many attributed to the numbers he received from the newscast. telenoche.

8 Steps To The Million, El Tres'S New Bet For 21.

8 steps to the million, El Tres’s new bet for 21.

show match start

But Tinelli could not maintain the 12.1 he had scored and within minutes he had already seen how Show Match: Academy Landed. Its peak was 11.2 which quickly faded to 8.7. The dance floor was sung by Karina La Princessita, Mar Terrace, Deborah Plager, Pachu Pea, Cande Ruggeri and Lizardo Ponce.

With the introduction of La Voz Argentina, at 10:30 p.m., the picture for El Tres became more complicated. While the singing reality show hosted by Marley and central figures with Lali Esposito, La Sol Pastorutti, Ricardo Montaner and Maui and Ricky peaked at 22 points, Tinelli was between 6 and 7 points.

In the rain, wet: There were technical problems that caused some channels, including El Tres, to go without air for a few minutes. in that moment, Ratings fall to historic lows. So after 11:45 pm and near the end, show match It touched a 2.7 rating point, a figure of unknown edges for a figure of Tinley’s stature.

Coty Sorokin And Karina La Princeta Sang Together On The Showmatch, The Marcello Tinelli Cycle.  Photo Lafalia / Jorge Luengo.

Coty Sorokin and Karina La Princeta sang together on the showmatch, the Marcello Tinelli cycle. Photo Lafalia / Jorge Luengo.

Finally, the final average of Central Time is shown voice of argentina leading with 20.3 points, while show match Ended up with 7.2. The five most-watched shows of the day were from Telefe: voice of argentina Scored 20.3; Doctor Miracle, 17.7; telefe news, 12.1; Woman power, 11.4 and the premiere of sweet ambition, 11.3.