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How was the unexpected union of Miranda! and Dillom, with the best of pop and urban music

Two is the title of the new song that the band Miranda! launched alongside Dylan León Masa, better known as Dilloma renowned artist in the world of rap and trap.

Science taught humanity that opposite poles attract each other, that even though one energy is very different from another, they always end up together. And that is precisely what the theme that they just released a few days ago transmits.

Miranda and Dillom, in an image from the "Dos" video clip.  Photo courtesy Sony Music.

Miranda and Dillom, in an image from the “Dos” video clip. Photo courtesy Sony Music.

What at first seemed like a mix between water and oil ended up being an explosive cocktail for the auditory sense of the followers of these two styles. An unusual combination but that has already given something to talk about and is shaping up to be a hit.

two generations together

Twothe brand new track between Ale Sergi, Juliana Gattas and Dillom, fused not only two completely different musical genres, but also brought together very different generations and social sectors since when Miranda! started as a band back in 2001, Dillom was barely a few months old.

This difference made the majority of the public that follows the pop group and is over 30-40 years old, get together with those young people and adolescents who go out of their way for rap, trap and other urban genres.

Today, Dillom is surprised to sing with the referents of his childhood: “I have been listening to their music for a long time. It never crossed my mind that this could happen.and when I saw that we hit good vibes I said ‘It’s a nice chance because I think the music could combine well,'” the urban artist told Clarion.

Ale Sergi told how the union came about and how the recording process of Two. “Everything was very natural. Dillom was very struck by the fact that he made a recommendation on Instagram about Willowa song of his. She thanked me and from there everything began. One day we invited him to the studio to listen to some music… and inside I fantasized about being able to do something together”.

The Instagram story that Dillom had shared when he saw Ale Sergi's recommendation.  Photo: Instagram

The Instagram story that Dillom had shared when he saw Ale Sergi’s recommendation. Photo: Instagram

The details of the topic

“That day we began to chop down some incomplete demos that we had, to see if any of them caught his attention. Two were half done, and when Dillom listened, he liked one and we told him to complete it however he wants,” Sergio remembered.

As for the track itself, Two is about a man and a woman who meet and suddenly fall in love, almost in the blink of an eye. But what makes the subject attractive is a third party in contention, who although at first seemed to be a narrator of the love situation, ended up being a serial killer. That “plot-twist” Dillom contributed, with his characteristic style.

Miranda and Dillon.  Photo: courtesy Sony Music.

Miranda and Dillon. Photo: courtesy Sony Music.

Ale Sergi reflected on the musical differences and said that the union does not happen so much by what is said in front of a microphone but by the whole atmosphere that is generated in a studio. “Although the styles sound, in principle, different, I feel that there are many things in common. The main thing was the sense of humor and although he is known for leaving the urban genre, he also has a lot of pop,” he said.

Dillom, for his part, confessed that he took this as a challenge in his career. “It was a challenge because the theme already had a hermetic theme of a couple and in that universe I did not get to have much prominence. So I came up with this thing about the stalker who ends up killing them both,” he explained about how he managed to put a twist on the song.

Regarding his next steps, he added: “This song finds me at the highest point of my career and more relaxed between an album that I released that went very well and what will come soon. I’m putting out music that I like and it’s a nice moment to put out those collaborations that don’t go on an album out there”.

An eye-catching production

The video for “Dos” undoubtedly deserves a separate paragraph. Under the direction of Daniel Ortega, he plays all the time not only with references to classic works of cinema, but also uses colors to convey that certain sensation that horror movies produce with those particular tones.

The original thing about all this is that despite the caramel theme of the song, winks appear a thriller of Michael Jackson, the Werewolf and even up to ETthe famous alien movie.


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