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How was the rating on Monday, with the final of La Voz Argentina and the start of Who is the mask?

There was a “super Monday” on the table, and it is that in Telefe it ended The Argentine Voice 2022 and began his new big bet, Who is the mask?, with the leadership of Natalia Oreiro. And that menu with two main dishes was more than enough for the channel of the balls.

According to data from the meter Kantar Ibope Media, the consecration of Yhosva Montoya, from Team Soledad, as the best amateur singer in the country it had a final average of 16 rating points for Telefe.

For its part, The 8 million steps in El Trece he achieved 8.9 points.

La Sole and Yhosva, the big winner of "La Voz Argentina".

La Sole and Yhosva, the big winner of “La Voz Argentina”.

Monday’s Top 5

In more general terms, Telefe had a great day by monopolizing the Top 5 of the day, with this detail:

1st) Who is the mask?17.3

2nd) The Argentine Voice16.0

3rd) Telefe News11.6

4th) Genesis, the origin of everything10.4

5th) Zuleya9.8.

channel by channel

Leaving the programs and broadening the views to the channels, the positions were as follows:

1°) Telefe, 10.1

2nd) Thirteen, 6.4

3rd) The Nine, 2.5

4th) America, 2.2

5th) Public TV, 0.6

6th) Net TV, 0.3

7th) Bravo TV

"The 8 steps" fought but could not against the end of "The Voice...".

“The 8 steps” fought but could not against the end of “The Voice…”.

The Voice…vs. 8 steps…

The singing reality show hosted by Marley had a special broadcast at 10 p.m. that in principle was not going to exceed half an hour, but it ended up lasting a total of 40 minutes. In the first minutes of transmission, The voice started with a flat of 12.4 points that quickly climbed to 14 points with the presentation of the Montaner family.

Towards the end of the broadcast, The voice He finished his successful season with 17.6 points against 9.8 of The 8 Million Steps of The Thirteen. Immediately after the singing reality show ended, which was won for the second time in a row by the La Sole team, it started Who is the mask? who started the evening with 19.3 points.

In contrast, around 22:40, sing with me nowcycle conducted by Marcelo Tinelli in Eltrece, scored 7.8 points. In contrast, the program led by Natalia Oreiro continued to lead with 18.4 points and then El Trece rose to 8 rating points.

The winner of La Voz Argentina

Yhosva Montoya established himself as the winner of The Argentine Voice After a hard-fought definition by the public, Yhosva Montoya was established as the winner of La Voz Argentina 2022. The singer belonged to the Soledad team and managed to consecrate himself with a total of 52.4% of the votes by the public before Ángela Navarro, the finalist of Lali Espósito’s team.

“Many thanks to the family that came to see me, to everyone who voted for me. God bless you all,” Montoya said after hearing the result from the public.

From his first blind audition, the singer surprised with his voice and has since become one of the favorites of viewers. Originally from Tierra del Fuego, the artist managed to move thousands of people who voted for her to become the first woman to win the pageant.

After the public celebrated the result, Soledad “La Sole” Pastorutti dedicated a few words to the participant of her team who managed to be crowned.

“I can’t believe it, I congratulate you,” the singer said quickly as Marley brought the show to a close. It should be remembered that the artist also won the previous season of La Voz with Francisco Benítez.

In addition to his presentation on Sunday, this Monday Yhosva sang again and faced Ángela Navarro, the other finalist belonging to the Soledad team. On this occasion, the singer decided to perform his version of stone and pathby Atahualpa Yupanqui, and finished moving the public.

the best of the rest

El Nueve had its largest audience thanks to blessed with 5.3 points. While Telenine Central He was second with an average of 3.6 points.

On the side of América TV, THE M remains firm first in audience of the Palermo signal with 2.8 rating points and followed him intruders with 2.7 points.

On Public TV, he stood out Argentine Cooks and Chefs with 0.9. On NetTV, The Lord of the heavens with 0.7 points and on Bravo TV, Avenue brazil did 0.4.

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Reference from clarin www.clarin.com

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