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How was the rating of the news on TV and how did La Voz Argentina

How was the rating of the news on TV and how did La Voz Argentina

Was a news monday on air tv, in the three time slots. In El Trece, he returned to the air Us in the morning, hosted by Joaquín Pollo Álvarez and Sandra Borghi, while America premiered In the afternoon, with Karina Mazzocco at the helm, and at night Alejandro Fantino debuted as the host of Intratables.

In general terms, the rating numbers smiled at the news. Anyway, the most seen of the day was again The Argentine voice (Telefe, at 10:30 p.m.), which reached an average of 21.9 points, the highest mark in its last three broadcasts. He beat the ShowMatch of Marcelo Tinelli (El Trece) in the competition, which averaged 9.7 points.

Us in the morning (from 9.30 am) he appeared with a team of columnists made up of Sol Pérez, Carlos Monti, Paula Trapani, Ariel Wollman, Pampa Mónaco, Pablo Montagna, Gastón Marote and mobiles by Santiago Zeyen.

La Voz Argentina Continues To Be The Most Watched Program On Argentine Tv.

La Voz Argentina continues to be the most watched program on Argentine TV.

The morning numbers

The cycle maintains the slogan of its previous stage: that is, accompany the beginning of the day with good vibes and information. With that spirit, Us in the morning He started with a floor of 3.2 and had an average of 4.3 points.

In direct competition with Telefe, it remained second behind Woman strength Y This happened yesterday, and beat the last episode of Moses and the 10 commandments, with a peak of 5.4 points.

After the end of Mariana’s, Ángel de Brito and his little angels (Andrea Taboada, Yanina Latorre, Mariana Brey, Maite Peñoñori, Cinthia Fernández and Pía Shaw) recovered their 11 o’clock schedule to do The angels of the morning.

El Pollo Álvarez Returned With &Quot;Nosotros A La Mañana&Quot;, On El Trece.

El Pollo Álvarez returned with “Nosotros a la Mañana”, on El Trece.

This change paid dividends to El Trece. The program led the competition with Team flower, which goes at the same time on Telefe, with the conduction of Florencia Peña. The angels of the morning had peaks of 7.1 points.

With the testimony of Dalma Maradona, who referred to the death of her father, and Graciela Alfano as the second guest, the average was 6.3 points, which marked the highest measurement of the cycle in the last five months. Thus, he won his strip and achieved his second highest mark so far in 2021.

What happened in the afternoon and at night

At 16 was the premiere of In the afternoon, with Karina Mazzocco and a panel made up of Florencia de la V, Sabrina Rojas, Débora D’Amato, Caramelito Carrizo, Diana Deglauy and Ezequiel Campa. This program rreplaced Fantino in the afternoon, given that the former soccer rapporteur went on to Intractable.

In this case the numbers did not smile at him: he averaged 1.8 points and was fourth in his band. In direct competition with Super super (El Nueve) lost by 1.2 points.

Karina Mazzocco, The Host Of &Quot;In The Afternoon&Quot;, For America.

Karina Mazzocco, the host of “In the afternoon”, for America.

Instead, he went touspicious the presentation of Alejandro Fantino as conductor of Intractable (from 10 pm) after Fabián Doman left that place to dedicate himself to being director of Institutional Communication of the electricity company Edenor.

The cycle had peaks of 3 audience points, more than double what he got with Doman. In total, it averaged 2.2 points, the highest measurement in the last month’s cycle. Thus, he was third in his band and measured 4 tenths more than the average he had so far.