Home Entertainment how was the minute by minute between Juana Viale and Andy Kusnetzoff

how was the minute by minute between Juana Viale and Andy Kusnetzoff

how was the minute by minute between Juana Viale and Andy Kusnetzoff

Saturday of prime time delivered one more duel between the two guest programs that most attract Argentines. And, although there was a clear winner, there were some moments of parity. Here, the minute by minute between Mirtha’s night (The Thirteen) and PH: we can talk (Telefe).

After Mirtha Legrand, 94, advanced in the week that she will star in “one or two” editions of the cycle to say goodbye to 2021, some word was expected from her granddaughter about it. But there was no confirmation on his part or the production.

Without too much preamble, and after showing your Gino Bogani of the day, Juana Viale introduced her guests of the night: the elected deputy of the Frente de Todos Leandro santoro; the senator elected by Together for Change, Luis Judge; and the journalists of Grupo America Romina manguel and Maria Belén Ludueña.

Juana Had A Table Taken By The News, With Two Politicians And Two Journalists.

Juana had a table taken by the news, with two politicians and two journalists.

As expected, the table was marked by debate, exchanges -and at times the chicanas– between Santoro and Juez. In the networks, the presence of a figure from the ruling party and the intention of a more plural table.

Although he had a very low start, close to 4.5 points – he lost against the end of Pasapalabra, famous edition-, after ten o’clock at night, already in direct competition with PH, Mirtha’s night it climbed to 6.7. And, at about 10:15 p.m., it continued to rise to 7.8, very close to Telefe’s 8.6.

PH and the Darthes case

At 22 o’clock, Andy Kusnetzoff began a new edition of PH, the cycle that, true to its formula of bringing together celebrities and / or media willing to do a kind of collective catharsis, has been leading the rating on Saturdays for a long time.

The Meeting Point Of This Saturday, With More Traumatic Confessions.

The meeting point of this Saturday, with more traumatic confessions.

In this case, the former CQC introduced the psychoanalyst and writer at the meeting point Gabriel Rolon, to the actresses Gloria Carrá and Laura Esquivel -who worked together in Ugly Duckling-, the singer of Ráfaga, Ariel puchetta; and the humorist Coast, who accompanies Verónica Lozano on the canal afternoons.

The cycle started with a floor of 8.5 points, and it was climbing with the passing of the minutes. One of the strongest moments of the shipment was carried out by Esquivel and Carrá, who spoke about the case of Juan Darthés days before the start of the trial against the actor, accused of raping Thelma Fardín in the strip recordings.

“When I saw Thelma’s testimony, that I love her and bank her a lot, it was like thinking, rewinding and saying, ‘As was?’”, He started. “It was unimaginable and very hard. I feel very close to Thelma and it affected me as if I were a family member”He added about his colleague.


Darthés’s case was a topic in “PH”, since there were two of his former colleagues: Gloria Carrá and Laura Esquivel.

Carrá said that the case not only shocked her, but also made him relive an abuse he suffered firsthand as a teenager. “It happened to me when I was 18 with a producer. With all that, I went back to therapy to talk and I understood that it was a violation, “he revealed.

Around 22.50, PH it touched one of its peaks of 10.2 points, widely surpassing the table of Juana Viale, which after passing the 7 points dropped to 6.7.

The final numbers

This Sunday the averages for Saturday were known. PH was the most viewed of the day with a rating of 8.9 points, 3 tenths more compared to last Saturday.

Juana Did Not Refer To The Possible Return Of Her Grandmother To The Program In This 2021.

Juana did not refer to the possible return of her grandmother to the program in this 2021.

Mirtha’s night (El Trece) measured slightly less than the previous week. Although it was the most watched on the channel, it averaged 6.6 points – down 4 tenths – and was the fourth most watched program of the day behind Pasapalabra, famous edition (6.8) and Polo, inheritance of glory (6.7).

In the classic and more relaxed Having lunch with Mirtha Legrand This Sunday, Viale has as guests Roberto Moldavsky, Silvio Soldán, Flavia Palmiero and Carlos Nair Menem.

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