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how was the first tour of the Ramos Mejía DJ in Europe

The Bizarrap phenomenon does not stop and continues to generate fury around the world. Now he has just closed his first and consecrated 100-day tour of Europe, through more than 20 cities, with solo performances and at the most prominent festivals, before a total of fans that exceeds 450,000.

During all this period, while touring countries like Spain and France, Bizarrap was #1 of the Top Global in Spotify for more than 47 days in a row with your Session #52 with Quevedo. He was the first Argentine to achieve it. The theme sounded in every city, party and even sporting events, becoming an immediate hit that does not decline.

The triumphant ride

Bizarrap, end of European tour.

Bizarrap, end of European tour.

In the month of June he was present at the Evening of the Year together with Ibai in front of 3.3 million viewersbreaking the attendance record on the Twitch platform.

In July he established himself as the first Argentine artist to play at the lollapalooza parisin front of 8000 people.

In addition, in August he had the pleasure of being at the Latino Gang theme days at the legendary Pacha nightclub in Ibiza. First there was Duki with his set of trap, rap, drill and reggaeton, and then the derivatives of Bizarrap Music sessions were chained.

Duki and Bizarrap together with the producer Federico Lauría in full pacha.  Photo courtesy Tuti Gianakis.

Duki and Bizarrap together with the producer Federico Lauría in full pacha. Photo courtesy Tuti Gianakis.

The sensual raps of Nathy Peluso sounded, which set the public on fire, some cumbia 420 with L-Gante, quite a bit of base house and even some breakbeat and some keyboards in honor of the late Avicii, who made the attendees delirious for the Live remix of Malbec.


Thus, Bizarrap has been opening paths from South America to the world, conquering new audiences, demonstrating the talent and value of Argentine musical creation, the overwhelming present of urban music, and the indisputable future that awaits it.

In these months he managed to enter the Top 60 most listened to artists worldwide (#55) and the Top 10 Hispanic artists with the most monthly listeners, breaking records Where do you leave your mark?

Bizarrap's poster at Latin Music Week.

Bizarrap’s poster at Latin Music Week.

Getting used to its constant surprises, Bizarrap continues to export its talent to the world, announcing its participation and first show at Billboard’s Latin Week in Miami, closing on September 30.

Bizarrap, cover of Forbes magazine in Spain.

Bizarrap, cover of Forbes magazine in Spain.

Finally, this month it was the cover of Forbes Magazine in Spain, which chose Bizarrap as the cover of its September issue as a reference for the “100 most creative in the business world”.


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