Home Entertainment How was the emotional farewell from France to Jean Paul Belmondo

How was the emotional farewell from France to Jean Paul Belmondo

How was the emotional farewell from France to Jean Paul Belmondo

France fired “Bébel” within the grandeur of the Resort des Invalides in Paris. President Emmanuel Macron selected this monumental setting for Farewell on Thursday 9 September to Jean Paul Belmondo, an actor representing France.

He was accompanied by the primary Girl, Brigitte, plus the household and pals, administrators and actors of one of the crucial revered and beloved French artists and his well-known band. Alain Delon, his nice good friend, most popular to mourn him alone and didn’t pay him homage.

The coffin of Jean Paul Belmondo reached the middle of the courtyard carried by the troopers and the solar got here out. Bébel, as everybody referred to as him, could not stay with out being tanned till his final day. These rays, after a monumental storm, had been one other tribute. The actor’s funeral is scheduled for Friday the tenth on the Saint-Germain-des-Prés Church, at 11 within the morning.

The household, all collectively

The Coffin With The Remains Of Jean-Paul Belmondo.  At His Side, President Macron.  La Marseellesa Was Sung.  Reuters Photo

The coffin with the stays of Jean-Paul Belmondo. At his facet, President Macron. La marseellesa was sung. Reuters photograph

Shaken, her household was within the entrance row in that solemn environment. His three kids, his six grandchildren stated goodbye to him.

“I wanted to say a few words for our grandfather,” stated Víctor Belmondo, the grandson, satisfied that “from where he is, he is happy to see the love of the French. He who loved them so much. “

He is and will remain a sun. There, wherever he is, I am sure he will continue to smile. Thank you for giving us so much joy, for sharing your positivity so much. We think about you. We love you and we have fun with your friends, who have missed you so much, “Victor concluded from a lectern.

Coated by the French flag, Jean Paul Belmondo obtained the honors of a nationwide hero. The opposite speech was that of President Emmanuel Macron, himself an actor in his youth, in love with Brigitte, his theater trainer.

Babel beloved laughter as a lot as being an actor. He was the daddy of all, the uncle, essentially the most devoted good friend, till a stroke disturbed the final 15 years of his life. No one forgot. Neither did he.

The goodbye of President Macron

The People, At The Farewell To Jean Paul Belmondo, The Most Beloved Actor In France.  Afp Photo

The individuals, on the farewell to Jean Paul Belmondo, essentially the most beloved actor in France. AFP photograph

“Jean-Paul Belmondo was family”stated President Emmanuel Macron, describing him as a “goldsmith.” “Hollywood could shine. Belmondo was there. He married France. He, who through all his roles, traveled the history of our country. Police, thug, always beautiful. Jean-Paul Belmondo lived in France, “said the president.

“Was the friend that everyone would like to have to remake the world, and the child that all parents would like to have. The exemplary father who, to raise his children, did not hesitate to refuse a shoot. Belmondo is tenderness ”, continued Emmanuel Macron.

“He talks about our contradictions, our shortcomings. We love his solitude, his taste for risk, the elegance of his joy, his style ”, described the president.

“We love Jean-Paul Belmondo because he looked like us. We admire him, he makes us laugh ”continued the top of state.

“To lose you today is to lose a great actor. Goodbye Bébel. Long live the Republique! Long live the France!”, Mentioned goodbye to the French president.

Then Macron bowed in entrance of Jean-Paul Belmondo’s coffin. The Republican Guard touched The marsellesa.

The coffin got here out of the Invalides courtyard to the music of Chi Mai, excerpted from the soundtrack of the movie The skilled. Exterior within the backyard his admirers applauded after which they are going to take their flowers, their white roses, their farewell letters to the patio.

The honors had that tone that Belmondo would have beloved. Tribute with tears and smiles, reminiscences however not nostalgia. Love, tenderness and the disappointment of claiming goodbye to a terrific, who was like the daddy of all.

Essentially the most wished

Patrick Brie, the actor, believes that “Belmondo is the most loved person in France. Unanimity, total, total love and total respect ”, he stated excitedly.

“We’re divided between the envy of crying as a result of we miss him already and crying with laughter. That is what he would have wished “he declared. Jean Dujardin, part of his band of friends, at the tribute.

“I don’t know if you saw it, but the sun had disappeared when Jean Paul left. He was the smile of France. He is like a medicine. He is good for us, ”he said.

Actor and director Guillaume Canet described his “idol”: “We all wanted to look like him when we were younger. He was truly an amazing person, our national hero, “he stated.

One other testimony was that of his ex-wife. “Jean-Paul has always loved his audience, wherever we went,” he recounted. Nathalie Tardivel, ex-wife of Jean-Paul Belmondo. “He all the time hung out with individuals. He by no means refused to signal an autograph or take a photograph. Typically we might go to the ends of the earth to be calm. There was all the time somebody who acknowledged him. He was all the time grateful as a result of he stated: “It is not the criticism, but the public that made me “.

Actor And Singer Patrick Bruel And Director And Actor Guillaune Canet Fired Their Friend Jean Paul Belmondo.  Afp Photo

Actor and singer Patrick Bruel and director and actor Guillaune Canet fired their good friend Jean Paul Belmondo. AFP photograph

“He is an example for us,” stated singer Liane Foly. “A brother, a godfather, a good friend … I actually favored the intervention of the grandchildren. They stated the principle factor. Jean-Paul was the smile and the joie de vivre. We find it irresistible”.

From seven thirty within the afternoon, everybody can say goodbye to Jean Paul Belmondo within the courtyard of the Resort des Invalides, if they’ve well being go and a chinstrap. An distinctive act for the 88-year-old French actor, who handed away final Monday, the opposite exception being President Jacques Chirac on September 26, 2019, when hundreds got here to say goodbye.

His tanned face, along with his traditional cap, awaits them, with a giant smile, on the entrance, on the Esplanade des Invalides.