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How was the accident of the son of William Levy? (PHOTOS)

  • Christopher Levy suffered a terrible accident
  • William Levy’s son Was he about to lose his life?
  • They reveal what happened to him

Accident son William Levy. Two years ago, the son of Cuban actor William Levy experienced one of the most difficult moments that almost cost him his life. So much so, that Levy asked his millions of followers on his social networks to send good vibes and prayers to his son, who was delicate.

Despite the fact that the Cuban is one of the most important actors in Latin America at the moment, he has not only had to deal with the global fame that has befallen him, but he has also had to face hard times, such as his son’s accident , who now give news of how it continues.

Accident son William Levy: What happened to him?

Accident son William Levy

This terrible event happened when the young man was 14 years old, the events took place in Weston, Florida, his son was in the company of his friends, the young man was driving a golf cart in a club, but suddenly due to the speed at which he was driving , ended up overturning in a curve of the place and the vehicle fell on top of the also descendant of Elizabeth Gutiérrez.

Despite the fact that Christopher Levy is a young man who is dedicated to sports and is quite athletic, the impact he received was very strong, because the golf cart fell on top and left him very badly injured and trapped so his desperate friends called for help, so a medical helicopter had to come to his aid. Filed Under: Accident son William Levy

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