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how was 2021 for Mirtha and Susana’s granddaughters

how was 2021 for Mirtha and Susana's granddaughters

The top two television divas were all but absent in this second pandemic year, save for sporadic appearances on screen. But Mirtha Legrand and Susana Giménez have their heirs ready to take the lead professionally and in the media, as demonstrated by their granddaughters, Juana Viale and Lucía Celasco, respectively, during the past year.

On the one hand, Juanita, Chiqui’s granddaughter, continued in her second season with her role as a substitute host in her grandmother’s legendary shows, Mirtha’s night Y Having lunch with Mirtha Legrand, by El Trece. Thus, Viale added a new facet to her acting career.

Installed on the screen, from the table given by the queen mother of TV, Juana raised her profile a lot, especially due to the exhibition each week on air, with guests who many times had to speak, mainly from the political arc. Since 2020, with the onset of the pandemic, Juana became involved in her new role and did not avoid any issue, nor did she stop commenting on reality.

Juana Viale And A 2021 Marked By Work As Host Of Her Grandmother'S Programs.

Juana Viale and a 2021 marked by work as host of her grandmother’s programs.

Accustomed to criticism, due to some media scandals that she starred in at other times in her life, during 2021, on the other hand, Mirtha’s granddaughter preferred to focus on her task as guardian of the royal television throne and from that position threw darts on all subjects, taking the focus away from his personal life quite a bit.

One of the most controversial phrases of last year was the one he made to Jorge “Locomotora” Castro after the boxer said he agreed to vaccinate prisoners against Covid: “Do you agree that they vaccinate prisoners before they vaccinate people?”. As with every controversial expression, the networks exploded and Juana became a “trending topic”.

The actress, who will celebrate her 40th birthday in April, always refers to Mirtha as “grandmother” and although she knows that Chiqui does not agree with some of her “more relaxed” attitudes, Juana does not stop because of that and remains faithful to your style.

Juana Viale And Mirtha Legrand Sharing The Table.  This Year, Mirtha Appeared Twice In His Studio.

Juana Viale and Mirtha Legrand sharing the table. This year, Mirtha appeared twice in his studio.

In 2021, after his trip to Paris, Viale took advantage of the sayings of Victoria Tolosa Paz (“In Peronism it was always garchó“) and redoubled the bet:” As the candidate for deputy for the province of Buenos Aires said, that in Peronism it is mmm … in Europe one is naked. So I don’t know if this is Peronism or not Peronism, but I’m like this, with a little even color all over my body”.

Although Juana had dismissed 2020 with a loose greeting on the screen (“That’s it, we’re done, everyone go to the p … that gave birth to you”), to end 2021 she opted for emotion and reflection. “I fell here as if by magic. I only have words of thanks to all my guests. I respect everyone, come here and say what you want,” he said tearfully.

The other granddaughter doesn’t want to drive … for now

For her part, the other heiress, Lucía Celasco, has a less intense media path, but it must be taken into account that She is a decade younger than Juana. However, in 2021, Susana Giménez’s granddaughter appeared more than usual on television, always accompanying her famous grandmother.

Recognized as a model, influencer, it girl and, above all, a fashion lover, at 27 years old Lucia seems to have found her place in the world in Miami, where he settled to live and where her grandmother helped her open a clothing store.

Lucía Celasco, The Granddaughter Of Susana Giménez, A Fashion Fanatic And Trying To Keep A Low Profile.  Photo: Instagram.

Lucía Celasco, the granddaughter of Susana Giménez, a fashion fanatic and trying to keep a low profile. Photo: Instagram.

Although Susana Giménez publicly expressed, on more than one occasion, the weakness she feels for her granddaughter, last year, apparently, there were some frictions between the two that did not progress to greater. But they were made public by the diva’s sayings on the Marley program, Around the world, when she was as a guest.

While the grandmother complained that Lucia had settled in her Miami mansion and complained about the noise and disorder, the granddaughter returned the claim, reproaching him that he had spent a few nights sleeping on the floor of his clothing store. The spicy familiar roundtrip aired from the Marley cycle and was reproduced, of course, like wildfire through the networks.

“It’s working, I can’t believe it, it’s going to hit my heart”Susana said when she saw her granddaughter attending the Miami store. Up to now, Lucia is only known to have written a book on fashion, Style journal.

Lucia Celasco And Susana, Together In Miami, Where The Influencer Lives, Who For Now Is Not Following In Her Grandmother'S Footsteps.

Lucia Celasco and Susana, together in Miami, where the influencer lives, who for now is not following in her grandmother’s footsteps.

After a courtship with Gianmarco Dolce, son of the model Bárbara Durand, and also a model, now Lucía is dating the young plastic artist Tomás Pienovi. But Su’s granddaughter does not usually show herself too much, neither alone nor accompanied by her partner, in public settings, except for the jet set circuit of Punta del Este, Miami and Buenos Aires, where she moves.

Reluctant to make statements on any subject, Lucia prefers the discreet profile and the affluent life that she has, thanks in large part to his grandmother Su, whom he affectionately calls “Kika”.

Except for a confusing and violent incident that happened in Punta del Este, in the summer of 2020 (which also involved his mother, Mercedes sarrabayrouse), when some neighbors denounced her for beatings and insults, Lucía maintains quite a distance from the media and publishes photos almost exclusively of her looks on his Instagram.

In 2021, Paris united both heiresses. While Juana traveled to the French capital to accompany her eldest daughter, Ambar, who settled there to study, Lucia flew to the same city to accompany her grandmother when the diva went to interview Wanda Nara. Without appearing on camera at any time, Lucia took the opportunity to go shopping and get vintage clothes, one of her weaknesses.

Now, as almost every year, both coincide in Punta del Este, where they received 2022 with family and friends, but soon each one will return to their own business. For now they are more related to being “the granddaughters of …” than to professions. But with the Argentine entertainment you never know. Can a reality show Juana & Lucía come?

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