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How to watch ‘King Richard’ – Out FRIDAY

This is how you see King Richard

If Serena Williams tells you not to miss a movie, then you shouldn’t miss the movie. Warner Bros. recently released the latest trailer for their upcoming movie. King Richard, with some help from Serena and Venus Williams, along with the film’s star, Will Smith. Smith plays the father of the Williams sisters, Richard Williams, in this captivating biopic that hits screens big and small tomorrow, November 19th.

“Seeing this movie (based on Venus’ and my true story) come to life was one of the coolest experiences.” Serena went on to write Instagram.

After over a year of delays due to the pandemic King Richard will finally be released on November 19th and will be showing the old fashioned way – AKA in theaters. But once you’ve got used to watching the latest releases from the comfort of your sofa, don’t worry. All new Warner Bros. films will be available for streaming in 2021 HBO max at no additional cost for a period of 30 days after the film’s theatrical release.

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The film follows Richard Williams’ journey as he raises his daughters to be tennis icons. Based on the true childhood story of Serena and Venus Williams, the film explores Richard’s experience with fatherhood and his efforts to secure his daughters future in the sports world. While the odds are against them in the latest trailer, Richard seems certain he’s got “the next two” Michael Jordans in his hands. And as everyone now knows, he was right.

Don’t miss this happy, emotional biopic starring Jon Bernthal, Dylan McDermott and Tony Goldwyn alongside Will Smith. Read on to find out everything you need to know to watch King Richard.

This Is How You See King Richard
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When is King Richard come out?King Richard will be available for streaming and viewing in theaters starting November 19, 2021.

How to stream King Richard: Starting in theaters on November 19, HBO Max subscribers will be able to stream for 30 days King Richard from the comfort of your home at no additional cost.

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So watch King Richard in theaters:King Richard will hit theaters on November 19th, tickets are available now to see this biopic on the big screen.

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