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How To Avoid Fashion And Who Wants To Be Famous In An Hour

Brothers Lucia (60) and Joaquin Gallan (66) are celebrating. burnet Celebrates 40 years of experience And the great celebration includes a tour abroad and within the country, with two significant concerts at Luna Park Stadium next Friday, May 20 and Saturday, May 21.

This pivotal moment includes not only a review of the great successes with which they were all the rage over the various decades, but New songs that resonate with your audience through current themessuch as 2020, the year when time stoppedamong other.

At Aladdino, their historic production company, they are photographed smiling, giving the photojournalist ideas, then inviting them over for coffee to relax and get ready to talk.as if they were encountering a historian for the first timeWith the naturalness to approach any topic without any hesitation.

Pimpinella says they never wanted to put me in any fashion, because they are temporary.  photo Juan Manuel Foglia

Pimpinella says they never wanted to put me in any fashion, because they are temporary. photo Juan Manuel Foglia

party up and get back on track

“We are enjoying this 40th anniversary, although it responds to life itself, it happens that besides Makes a lot of sense in terms of returning to activityThis is a revenge for the prolonged closure, ”says Joaquin, as a precise explanation of how they live at the moment.

Her sister, sitting at the other side of the table in the colorful room where the talk takes place, nods her head and focused on recent years: “We did a streamingbut We haven’t seen each other for monthsWe were all locked in our house, although we live only five blocks away.

It should come as no surprise that the Galen brothers’ homes are so close, because life had always united them in every wayAt least that’s how Joaquin explains it. “First We lived in the same building: Mom was on one floor, I was on the second floor, and she was on the second., It happens that the mother died just before the epidemic. We were lucky that we were able to be close to him and set him on fire, because then everything changed.

significant impact

The family is a fundamental axis for Pimpinella.  From there they left and their children continue the legacy.  Dafto Juan Manuel Foglia

The family is a fundamental axis for Pimpinella. From there they left and their children continue the legacy. Dafto Juan Manuel Foglia

as they say, parental figure was original In values ​​that are in relation to both of their lives.

“Dad was gastronomic, he met with friends at El Palacio de la Papa Frita on Corrientes Avenue. Mom was a haute couture dressmaker. We come from a humble class family, Be it going to school, waiting to raise money to buy clothes, or traveling after a few years to visit family in Spain, we are children of immigrants. Mom encouraged us.”

The context of everyday family life was precisely what always kept Joaquin and Lucia together. It is this that appeals to the critical memories of early youth: “The Galen family was very musical, artistic. I studied theater. Yu My union with her was promoted by motherWe are indebted to him for whatever happened later in our lives”, agrees with his older brother.

Before the onset of pimpinella, Joaquin formed a school rock band . starred inWhose generational influence was the “Beatles,” he says, although in return his family had a musical kick.

“Both of us, as kids, used to sing on the guitar, at home gatherings on the weekends.”

Pimpernel in 1982.  40 years of its appearance are celebrated.

Pimpernel in 1982. 40 years of its appearance are celebrated.

“Plus, dad played the bagpipes, he sang very well, we imbibed Spanish street art; Ours, then, with the complaint was the union of tango and Spain’s 50’s copalathat of happiness and shadow, I was studying economic science and I asked for an extension to study so as not to do military service”, Joaquin highlights the context of the time.

Death of mother paying tribute in song you will always be in meThe pandemic brought a different duel, although in Lucia’s case an additional theme arose.

“We had to close El Hogar Pimpinella Para La Niez to safety and I took a six year old boy who recently had a liver transplant to stay at home, He spent 11 months with me and my daughter with great emotional meaning, then came the detachment, it was strong, ”he imbibes.

take priority

live.  Lucia and Joaquin Galan singing at the Via del Mar Festival.  Photo EFE/Alberto Valdes

live. Lucia and Joaquin Galan singing at the Via del Mar Festival. Photo EFE/Alberto Valdes

pimpinella home too old for kids, It is a civic organization created on July 2, 1996, with the aim of providing individual attention to each of the 25 children aged 2 to 10 in a situation of vulnerability, but what was it that the pair of brothers dealt with then problem with?

“The sensitivity with which our family environment educated us was linked to travel through Latin America and see inequality, A limousine and barefoot boys bang on our windows. In the 80s and 90s he was called nurseryman. We would go to play for them and bring them toys. In turn, my son was born in the ’90s and it clicked for me, thank goodness”, says Joaquin.

And then he continues: “From then on, I became more concerned with childhood themes. To analyze the disparity between some children and others. therefore With Lucia we started using ours to contribute something other than a song, We try to reintegrate the child into a biological family or through adoption.”

However, after 26 years of nonprofit association, the brothers say the inconveniences of when they started were not the same.

“Since 10 years ago, Many children enter because they have been sexually abused by step-parents, for example; children with syphilis; a two-year-old girl with a cocaine overdose; A mother who gives her son a bottle of wine, unfortunately, already has something everyday, ”Lucia revealed with a sigh.

To which his brother expands with an analysis: “Economic policy influences. Don’t expect to get a job. We It is very difficult for us to keep people in white, because otherwise they lose out on social schemes., Today there is a culture that does not encourage work, it is a culture of easy, everything that we lived in before is being lost.

The reality that Joaquin talks about relates not only to Argentina, but also to a regional problem.

“We see a Latin America like this. There’s a lot of inequality, growing. Today It is more profitable for a boy to transport drugs than to workIt’s that they didn’t see their parents or grandparents getting up early to go to work. The responsibility for this lies with those who rule”, he emphasized.

legitimacy and modernity

In a musical style that has always been their specialty, the two dealt with the prevailing emotional conditions, different from what they were four decades ago. Somehow, Pimpinella was recycled to remain number one in the melodramatic song.Forerunner.

“We always tend to stick with the times,” say Pimpinella’s Lucia and Joaquin Gallan. photo Juan Manuel Foglia

“We have always adapted to the social issues of the times and society, as well as to technology and image. Despite that, We never wanted to be fashion, fashion is fleeting”, assures the singer.

Then, her sister added: “We wrote songs against xenophobia, love between people of the same sex, or songs like treasonIn which we talk about a relationship with a marked age difference, we always felt that we were getting used to”.

-Miranda!, with whom you recorded and sang together is undoubtedly your influence, what did you think when you first heard them?

Joaquin Gallen, singing with Miranda!, a band that influenced him.

Joaquin Gallen, singing with Miranda!, a band that influenced him.

joaquin: We met here Ale Sergei through a former friend, with whom he had come to congratulate us. With Juliana Guttas we note her use of conversational style. We also participated in their boom.

Lucy: He also sang with us forget me and turn, We sang with him on the stage of Las Toscas in Mar del Plata. It was a wonderful moment, plus Julie is a phenomenal singerApart from being a great person. They are both great.

When it comes to new ways of communication, Pimpernel is not against it. “The technology is fantastic, because now you can record a song from your room, something unimaginable when we started. Even now they write to us on Instagram, people thank us for a song immediately, before it came to you sometime later via a letter”, reflects Joaquin.

Then, the artist takes a breath and resumes the wording, but alluding to a downside: “All I notice is today People who play want to be famous instantlyThey want success beyond their business at any cost. It doesn’t feel right to me.”

To which Lucia follows the idea with her vision and closes. “It is a reality today, of Influencers, even now some are called panelists, they are new ways that a hit girl gets millions of followers, they are a trend. We’ve seen a lot happening in these 40 years.”, he insists without showing so much consent.

when a friend is gone

Maradona and Pimpinella, when they recorded the song "Dear Friend".

Maradona and Pimpinella, when they recorded the song “Dear Friend”.

football star death Diego Armando Maradona This went unnoticed by the Galen brothers. Lucia confirmed long ago that they had a brief romance in the period when Ten was separated from Claudia Villafane, who was his formal girlfriend at the time.

“That was a good moment. In 1986, he was UNICEF ambassador, that’s when we recorded Dear friend To raise funds for the organization. He even went to an important show in our history, which we put on at Obras Sanitaria,” she says.

Joaquin, for his part, refers to a very close friendship: “like everyone else his death affected me badly, It so happens that when we met, everything was different from Diego in the end: that immense loneliness made me sad. In addition to firmly uniting our passion for Boca Juniors, at one point we even met at barbecues.

gallon heir

Lucia’s daughter brighten up (24), as she approached the artistic world: she is an actress, singer, vocal teacher and also collaborates in a children’s home. In the case of Joaquin, his only son is called francisco (31) And a few years back he made headlines for foraying into music with his group called Beef.

“Francisco sings and composes. His digital platform has a lot to do with the application; he created his group, it went well, but then he had a radical change”, acknowledging the discoveries and experiences of his successor , gives the details of the singer.

While Lucia’s eyes gleam as she talks about her female descendant: “She sings so well. He’s a music coach, he’s very talented, he’s admirable to me. Eyes that my nephew also has. He’s a great musician!” he remarks proudly.

If the Pimpernels see each other on stage for the rest of their lives? “We have to live today. We always took small and precise steps. And so the decades went by. When it’s complicated, we’ll manage the concerts, The truth as of today is that the Luna shows are practically sold out and we’ll be adding another one in December”, Joaquin concluded with a clear smile.


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