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How they cracked the hit that still tops the charts

On March 10 this year, Maria Becerra invited Sofia Reyes to sing together for the first time Subject Mars planet At the Movistar Arena in Chile, in the middle of their huge animal tour, they were applauded by the public.

“It was super emotional, people knew it and sang it at the top of their lungs,” Mari recalls, looking at Sophie in collusion.

The chemistry between them is league worth watching. Before the note begins, they are whispering on the set, as if they were lifelong friendsBut the reality is that they just met at a Becky G event and three days later they were already recording together in a Miami studio.

Both look at each other during the conversation love and appreciationThey feel alike, they listen to each other and they complement each other. It seems that this is a pairing from which new projects may emerge later. Who knows. Chemistry and talent.

María Becerra will perform at GEBA on the 14th of this month, while Sofia Reyes is presenting her 17-song album, which earned her quadruple platinum status.

Maria Becerra and Sofia Reyes singing together at the Movistar Arena in Chile.  Photo: Courtesy Press

Maria Becerra and Sofia Reyes singing together at the Movistar Arena in Chile. Photo: Courtesy Press

how was he born Mars planet

Mars planet It emerged as a joint project with its headquarters in Miami. ,The song was initially half written and was called you screwed up. In fact, between the two of us we call it ‘La Caguste’, and later when we’re in the studio in Miami, we go to the studio and write our whole part” – Sofia says looking at Mari- And the whole introduction which was so much better and funnier. Also, there were a lot of people in the studio, so we asked them to come.”

Becerra said, “Everyone sang the chorus in unison. We were like five men and we were both singing ‘And I warned you you were screwed’ and we laughed.”

Sofia Reyes, who is promoting her latest album lovesicknessDetails about recording of video clip also explained Mars planetwhich is part of the disc.

“I think it was a lot of fun, because we all got along really well and then we record the video In Los Angeles”, she says enthusiastically, with Maria adding: “It was two hours from Los Angeles, an incredible, real desert, it looked like another planet”.

As an unusual fact, At minute 1:57 of the video clip, director Mike Ho appears in camouflage. “It comes out in the video and I thought it was a lot Dear Because he’s like an eternal little boy who wanted to come on set in disguise, wearing everything like torn clothes”.

Backstage of "Mars" with Sofia Reyes and Maria Becerra.  Photo: Courtesy Press

Backstage of “Mars” with Sofia Reyes and Maria Becerra. Photo: Courtesy Press

praise and praise

in luck role play Where one must admire the other, they look into each other’s eyes and respond. The first to speak is Sophia, who makes a small nod to Mari: “I think that’s the description that when we were on set Mars planet You came to the dressing room to say hello and you congratulated the entire team. One by one. Something I see a lot about you.”

During the turn of ‘La Nena de Argentina’, María highlights the ‘simplicity’ of the Mexican artist. “I really like that you’re what you show up on the network. You’re the same in person and you don’t pretend. Not that it’s bad, but all of a sudden, Sometimes one has a character to be able to defend their inner being And you are completely transparent. What he says, what he is, how he dresses and your ideals are also homely and human. I like that”.

Together, they sing and have fun.  Photo: Courtesy Press

Together, they sing and have fun. Photo: Courtesy Press

strong time

Song Mars planet, which may seem like a disdain at first — even with a particular dedication — isn’t. it is rather A Song of Relief and EmpowermentIn which one woman tells another that “he was wrong” and the story is over.

The lyrics, direct and to the point, resolve it solidly in their chorus. “And I warn you, you screwed up. You slept somewhere else, you burned with me. Now go to Mars, here, I don’t want you here.”

but After crying and anger comes Abhishek And female pride who carries a flag saying “this is no more”. And the lyrics say: “Do you think I’ll keep crying for you? That’s not me. What was every ass going to do with the ass you fell in love with? I tell you, it’s not you (it You’re not). It’s me, yes, because you. Stupid you are.”


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