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How the First Week of Squats Was on Streaming and Networks

How the First Week of Squats Was on Streaming and Networks

There are series and movies that cope better with the passage of time, because raise questions of universal nature. it is a matter squat, which addressed an issue that is still current in our country with a very Argentine imprint.

The fiction’s landing on Netflix created great anticipation not only in 2000, the year of its premiere on the old Channel 7, but also among those who viewed single scenes as repetitive or youtube, or in those who had never seen it.

with remastered images and A new soundtrack featuring some of Santiago Motorizado’s songs, the series produced and directed by Bruno Stagnaro, was re-released on stage last Tuesday.

Rodrigo De La Serna, A Major Piece Of The Major Quartet.  Telam.

Rodrigo de la Serna, a major piece of the Major Quartet. Telam.

In those first days of availability, squat It was already one of the two most viewed productions In the ranking of the ten most popular made by Netflix. This Saturday, he also managed to lead that classification. This Sunday she was in second place again, behind the second season of sky red, which started on Friday.

With eleven chaptershandjob squat Ricardo (Rodrigo de la Serna), a middle-class young man who is in an apparent social decline—half-voluntarily and semi-forced by economic status— Get to Know the Frontier Side of Buenos Aires With El Polo (Diego Alonso), Rolling Walter (Ariel Staltari) and El Chiqui (Franco Tiri).

“My expectation is that what happens to me as a spectator will happen to works that, although they are deeply rooted in a certain moment, are at the same time timeless, because they are supported by eternal human dynamics, such as Self-discovery, or a place of belonging, requires affection”, explains Stagnaro bugle few days ago.

The streaming giant doesn’t seem to be wrong when betting on a series produced by Idea del Sur. It was Marcello Tinelli’s production company’s first foray into fiction..

Although its catalog is usually renewed and brings news every week, everything indicates Argentine fiction will remain in that top 10 for a long time, like spanish Castamar’s Cookhandjob place to dream or clear sex / life.

The Series Portrays The Urban Marginalized And Is Also A Hymn Of Friendship.

The series portrays the urban marginalized and is also a hymn of friendship.

great impact on the network

over the past few years, squat became a cult series He still existed in the popular unconscious, thanks to a group of loyal fans who remembered him and brought him into the present, altering his characters and his memorable phrases. gifs and memes.

As expected, the fiction’s long-awaited re-release on Netflix had an impact on social networks, primarily Twitter. on the same Tuesday for several hours Was ranked among the top ten trending topics in Argentina.

The same viral that circulated on Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter for so many years flooded the network again a few hours later squat Available on the streaming service.

Rodrigo De La Serna, Diego Alonso, Tiri And Ariel Staltari, Four Of &Quot;Ocupas&Quot;.  Photo Jorge Luengo.

Rodrigo de la Serna, Diego Alonso, Tiri and Ariel Staltari, four of “Ocupas”. Photo Jorge Luengo.

It was logical: we talked about fans who claimed over the years that it could be viewed in a respectable quality—higher than what could be seen on YouTube—and that He had to wait more than two decades to re-live the adventures of four friends In that Buenos Aires got into trouble.