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How Princess Diana Inspired the Initiative for Prince William’s 40th Birthday

Prince William, who turns 40 on Tuesday, June 21, was inspired by his mother, Princess Diana, for his birthday initiative.

In the lead up to her big day, the royal sold out big issue Magazines, a publication published by marginalized people working to end homelessness.

Not only does William appear in this week’s issue of the magazine, but he also took to the streets with salesman Dave Martin to sell 32 copies of the publication.

After that he Visited Way, a charity that provides services to prevent and end homelessness, and a space that is important to William. Her visit to The Passage with her mother and her brother, Prince Harry, nearly 30 years ago sparked her passion for helping those who are homeless.

Prince William sold Big Issue magazine for 40th birthday
big issue magazine

“I was 11 when I first went to a homeless shelter with my mom, who was determined to shine a light on an overlooked, misunderstood problem in her own unique style,” said the father of three. written in a personal essay featured in the magazine. “In that 30-odd years, I have seen countless projects in this area grow from strength to strength, including charities, of which I have the honor of being a patron. New initiatives have been launched up and down the country – some have worked, some have not. but big issuePerhaps the most immediately recognizable of these organizations now, it has had the undeniable impact.”

William says that after spending time with salespeople big issueHe wanted to give his time.

“I wanted to experience the other side and see what it was like” big issue seller,” he shares. “My timing was really eye-opening. I was lucky enough to join Dave on a hot, sunny day in June. People recognized a familiar face and were happy to give me the time of day. But the vast majority not so for big issue Vendors, which sell year-round—including during the foggy winter months—and are barely given a second glance by passersby. ,

Prince William sells Big Issue magazine
big issue magazine

The royal notes that she wants and appreciates the work to help remove the stigma that comes with homelessness big issue To be a place to start.

“When I talk to you or anyone who lives on the streets, you start to see human beings and the hardships you have gone through,” Williams says. “There’s still something taboo about being homeless. I think the mental health side of things scares people. We have to deal with all of this to help humanize those who live with homeless people. Too many people Won’t be able to pay the rent and also you have to go through it.”

Prince William sells Big Issue magazine to celebrate 40th birthday
big issue magazine

William – who is the patron of The Passage and Centerpoint – further praises Dave and big issue To create a place and platform for people to earn respect and gain the self-esteem they need.

“It’s about respect. People who are homeless can’t rebuild their lives without many things,” says William. “And one of those things is respect and self-esteem. And that’s what The Big Issue gives you.”

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