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How old is Fernando Colunga?

  • Fernando Colunga is one of the most loved Mexican gallants by all
  • The actor has lived his personal life with total caution
  • How old are you currently?

Fernando Colunga has established himself as one of the most successful Mexican actors of all time with legendary telenovelas that have been the strongest source of income for Televisa, the company that gave him his first opportunity on the small screen, as well as the one that took him to fame in star productions.

His parents are called Margarita Olivares and Engineer Fernando Colunga; As a young man it is known that he studied civil engineering like his father, and later ventured into the sale of car parts, car dealership, even became a bartender and also had an administrative position in an office.

The beginnings of Fernando Colunga

Fernando Colunga

But Fernando Colunga’s true intention was to be an actor, so despite what his parents wanted for him, he ended up enrolling in Televisa’s Center for Artistic Training (CEA) where he began his career as Eduardo Yáñez’s body double when in 1988 he starred in ‘Dulce Desafío’ with Adela Noriega.

In this production, Eduardo Yáñez had to do scenes aboard a motorcycle, so they used Fernando Colunga for the body shots of the actor with whom years later he would be friends and even work together inside and outside the Televisa company. .

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